ABC Store #59

ABC Store #59 - A Handy, Affordable, and Friendly Convenience and Souvenir Shop
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4 / 5
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ABC Store #59 is a convenience store with plenty of island flair. Stocking a number of necessities for tourists, including apparel and sunscreen, as well as souvenirs, the brand is known for its stunning selection and friendly service. Located near Nawiliwili Harbor, it's a mainstay favorite of cruisers. 

- The Local Expert Team

An ABC Store is a convenience and souvenir chain that opened its first outlet in the 1960s. What began as a mom-and-pop enterprise has since become a staple in the state with more than 70 locations.

The brand was founded with convenience and service at its core, tempting people in with its large selection of merchandise and ensuring repeat business with the help of its friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

ABC Store #59 is less than half a mile from Nawiliwili Harbor and a handy place to pick up anything from sunscreen to snacks. It’s a little smaller than some of the other ABC Stores in Hawaii, but like all of the brand’s locations, it does stock the essentials. 

Store #59 Has Everything You Need 
Whether you packed a little light or you’re in the mood for a few impulse buys, ABC Store #59 is described by customers as having it all. Liquor, apparel, jewelry, skincare: the options stretch across multiple retail categories. The prices are also reasonable, even if you’re still going to pay a little extra for the sake of the grab-and-go. 

In addition to necessities, we recommend stopping here if you’re looking for specialty items that won’t break the bank. It’s filled with Hawaiian delicacies that will delight your loved ones back home without being too extravagant. From gift sets to bags of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, there’s plenty to discover. (Like all convenience stores, just keep in mind the exact selection will change from season to season.)

The Beginning of the ABC Stores
Founded by husband-and-wife team Sidney and Minnie Kosasa, ABC Stores was inspired by tourism in Miami Beach. After visiting the popular destination more than a half-century ago, the two correctly assumed that Waikiki would be just as coveted in the future.

Just as visitors in Florida chose convenience stores over the vastly overpriced hotel shops, this pattern was repeated in Hawaii too. The owners settled on the simple name for the store because it quickly conveyed just how intuitive it was to shop there. The ABC Store was so successful that it couldn’t help but expand. The store is not only ubiquitous in Hawaii, the concept was also exported to Guam, Saipan, and Las Vegas.

Under the ABC umbrella, you’ll also find a variety of divisions, including Island Gourmet Markets, Island Country Markets, and the Honolua General Store. So if you happen to stumble across these on your visit, you might be more inclined to visit. All the brands operate under the same principles of fairness and kindness to the customer. 

Stop and Stay 
A lot of people come to ABC Store #59 simply because it’s near their cruise ship dock. They might go to pick up a small bottle of rum or a  tasty snack to fuel their day of sightseeing. However, what they find in the store is usually enough to keep them shopping for far more than an item or two. It’s here that you can find the kinds of novelty items, hand-made jewelry, and colorful apparel that last long after you return home. 

Insider Tips:
-ABC Store #59 may be on the smaller side when compared to the rest of its chain stores, but you’ll still likely to find what you need. 
-ABC #59 is less than a half-mile from Nawiliwili Harber and stocks cosmetics, beach essentials, novelty gifts, bags, snacks, calendars, and even ukulele accessories. 
-ABC Stores have a section on its website for on-sale items where you can check the deals of the week.