ABC Store #58

If You Need It They’ve Got It at ABC Store #58 on Kauai
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

ABC Stores are everywhere in Hawaii—and with good reason! These omnipresent convenient stores offer everything you could possibly want or need on your visit to Hawaii. From sunscreen and snacks to beer and beach towels, ABC Store #58 in Kapaa has you covered.

- The Local Expert Team

Conveniently located on Kuhio Highway (at Kukui St.) in Kapaa, ABC Store #58 takes convenience to all-new levels.  One of many ABC Stores that populate Hawaii, this locally-owned and locally-operated retail shop takes pride in offering tourists anything and everything their hearts’ desire during their stay. 

When we say ABC Stores are omnipresent, we mean it. Take Waikiki, for example. It may span just one and a half-square-mile radius, but what it lacks in size it makes up in ABC Stores. You’ll find not one, not two, but 34 ABC Stores in Waikiki. In fact, locals have a running joke that the name is short for “All Blocks Covered” because of ABC stores found in this Honolulu hotspot. 

Kauai also lays claims to its fair share of ABC Stores, including centrally situated ABC Store #58. 

For the record, ABC does NOT stand for “All Blocks Covered.” Which begs the question: What does it stand for? Nothing, according to a spokesperson. It was just the easiest thing the store’s founders could think of when naming their new venture.

Since the first ABC Store popped up in Waikiki in 1964, upwards of 75 locations have followed, including on all eight of Hawaii’s main islands and in Las Vegas, Guam, and Saipan, too. 

Whether you’re looking for must-haves like water or sunscreen or other supplies like clothing, first aid items, bags, drinks, knick-knacks, and souvenirs to bring back home to family and friends, you’ll find plenty to choose from at ABC Store #58. 

Forgot your toothpaste or shampoo or just planning on packing light? ABC Store #58 has toiletries and other small necessities, too. It’s like a grocery store, pharmacy, specialty food market, and souvenir shop all rolled into one. 

At some point during one of your stops into ABC Store #58 (because you WILL stop in several times), you’ll probably find yourself wondering, “How did they know this was exactly what I’d need?”

According to ABC Stores President and CEO Paul Kosasa, who is also the son of the ABC Stores founders, it’s not an accident that they carry all of your favorite things. Rather, what the store sells is directly informed by consumer behaviors. 

In fact, ABC Stores are so convenient that it’s much more than a tourist trap. Locals also rely on this go-to chain of convenience stores. We challenge you to open the kitchen cupboard of any Hawaiian and not find at least one coveted ABC mug!

Insider Tips:
-Headed to a BYOB establishment? ABC Store #58 is the perfect place to stock up! You’ll find many different kinds of beer, wine, and hard liquor at decent prices.  
-Set aside some time to explore! While you may find yourself popping in and out of ABC Store #58 for something specific, you never know what treasures you’ll discover while aimlessly roaming the aisles.
-Make sure to save your ABC Store #58 receipts. Spend enough during your time in Hawaii, and you’ll be eligible for a free gift, such as a mug, towel, calendar, or t-shirt. (The mugs are especially popular!)