11 Incredible Sunsets From Across the Hawaiian Islands

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to sit back and unwind, catching a sunset on a luxury island will help get you there. Sunsets are known for their romance, intimacy, and awe-inspiring colors. The Hawaiian Islands is known for its tranquility and magically unique aspects of nature. The combination of these two makes for an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience that will take your breathe away. Visiting the islands? Here are 11 incredible sunsets from each island that will make your journey a memorable one.

What more could you ask for? Check out these 11 sunsets across the Hawaiian Islands:


Haleakala National Park

gorgeous, colorful sunset over Haleakala Crater

Haleakala National Park is widely known for its incredible sunrises and stargazing experiences. What it might not be widely known for is its amazing sunset experiences as well. The sunset at Haleakala is much less busy than its sunrise, so expect a less crowded time here. If interested, you can spend your night looking at the sun setting and then stargazing at the brilliant stars shortly after. A true phenomenon with it being so high and patrons getting to look out at the sky above the clouds. A must-visit while on the islands.


Garden of the Gods

Photo Credit by @botanicalgypsea on Instagram

This rocky garden known as the Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo) offers a different kind of sunset experience. Place yourself in this desert-like attraction and ride around on a mountain bike or a 4×4! As the sun goes down and hits the unusual terrain, you’ll find it almost other-worldly. People claim to feel like they are on another planet with its red dirt and rocks scattered everywhere!


Papohaku Beach

Photo Credit by @susan.larsson.images on Instagram

This unpopulated beach resides on Molokai’s west end and offers some swimming opportunities when the water permits. Relax and unwind on the shore as the sun sets at Papohaku Beach. This beach is also known as the biggest white sand beaches in Molokai with plenty of amenities like restrooms and picnic areas. This is the beach that you’ll want to come to by yourself or with one other person because of its intimate atmosphere.

Kaunakakai Harbor

Photo Credit by @mikamijudy on Instagram

On Molokai’s south shore, the Kaunakakai Harbor offers some of the best sunsets around. With the longest wharf in the state of Hawaii, this harbor is the perfect spot to dock your boat or simply watch the other boats go by as you wait for the sun to set. There’s plenty of parking here, so feel free to drive your car and park in the parking lot. Interested in some fishing? Many of these boats offer fishing, site seeing, and family touring!

Big Island

Mauna Kea

Photo Credit by @malamamaunakea on Instagram

A dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii, Mauna Kea resides at over 13,000 feet above sea level. This is the tallest sea mountain in the world. Mauna Kea also has a mythology background, being the home to the snow goddess, and this mountain actually used to be forbidden to all. Interested in stargazing after watching the sunset? Mauna Kea offers stargazing tours so that you can see the brilliance of the stars light up the sky.


Kailua-Kona is known to be one of the bigger cities along the Big Island. Comparable to Arizona Sunsets, the sunsets on this side of the island mixed with the hot and dry weather surely makes for incredible colors to fill up the sky. Kailua-Kona Bay is an ideal beach to take part in some light swimming and snorkeling, with some lifeguard stations scattered along the beach.


Sunset Beach

Photo Credit by @nutzic on Instagram

Sunset Beach boasts great opportunities for incredible sunsets, hence the name. This beach offers swimming and snorkeling activities, along with being one of the lesser crowded areas of Oahu. Interested in surfing? Watch the surfers as they ride by along the waves, or try a little surfing yourself! There’s also a lifeguard here, so feel comfortable hopping in the water. Walk along the white sand and admire the stunning colors, you won’t regret seeing this sky.

Diamond Head

Photo Credit by @lifeofthepilotswife on Instagram

Go ahead and hike on over to Diamond Head. An iconic landmark, this ridgeline is in the shape of a tuna fish’s fin. Hike up the stairs and view the overlook of the ocean and mountains as the sun sets for one-of-a-kind views that you can’t get anywhere else. This 1.8-mile hike is a relatively easy hike, so don’t worry about it being to challenging to reach the top.

Kapiolani Regional Park

Photo Credit by @queenkapiolanihotel on Instagram

Kapiolani Regional Park is a park close to Waikiki Beach that offers spacious grassy fields and beautiful colors that light up the sky. If you’re lucky, this park hosts outdoor concerts and shows! Bring a blanket and have a picnic or play the day away with a game of frisbee or soccer while the sun goes down and the colors come out.


Kilauea Point Lighthouse

An incredible landmark with even more incredible views, Kilauea Point Lighthouse overlooks the ocean from a 180-foot bluff. This lighthouse is open for daily tours with wheelchair-accessible paths — making it easy for all who want to view the spectacular sun that sets here. This is also within the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, so you’re bound to spot some wildlife while you’re visiting this hot spot. Look out into the ocean and watch as the birds fly out into the exquisite sunset.

Kalalau Lookout

Unbelievable views, the Kalalau Valley Lookout offers the best of the lush green jungle. This lookout is extremely popular during sunsets but never tends to feel too populated. Gather with your friends and share this exquisite moment with your loved ones. The Kalalau Valley Lookout sunsets are a spiritual event, leaving you feeling inspired after each visit.

There’s never a dull day during a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Tropical beaches, valleys, and sunsets wait at each island of paradise. Spend each day trying out a new sunset spot, and make each moment a special one.