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Experience The Beauty of Rainbow Falls at O.K. Farms
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When you think of Hawaii, you likely picture cascading waterfalls, beautiful rivers, and brilliant rainbows. At O.K. Farms, right outside of Hilo, you can experience this along with seeing how some excellent produce is grown and enjoy a visit to the small on-site shop. Here, you can buy merchandise or delicious products to take back home or order and have them shipped back to the states. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Encompassing nearly 1,000 acres alongside the Wailuku River in Hilo’s historic district within the rolling hills of Puueo Mauka is O.K. Farms of Hawaii. At this breathtaking locale, you can experience the tropical flavors of Hawaii with locally grown spices, chocolate, macadamia nuts, coffee, and fruit. Add to this, the fact that the farm features a private overlook/viewing area of the beloved Rainbow Falls, and it’s clear that visiting this unique farm is a wonderful addition to your vacation itinerary. 

Being blessed with sufficient rainfall, the farm has been used for agriculture for over 100 years and is a picturesque slice of paradise a mere five minutes from downtown Hilo. The Rainbow Falls Farm Tour at O.K. Farms— with a duration of one hour— allows you as a guest to experience an abundance of tropical crops, including coffee, cacao (chocolate), nutmeg, cinnamon, lychee, rambutan, longan, and much, much more. Of course, in addition to the farm itself and the crops grown on-site, you, as a guest, will also get to experience the beautiful waterfalls of Rainbow Falls from the private viewing location on the family-owned farm. 

O.K. Farms was proudly founded in 2002 with a mission at heart to perpetuate more sustainable agriculture within Hawaii. At the time, Troy Keolanui and Ed Olson partnered to execute this vision of creating a diverse fruit farm that was sure to become part of the community for many generations in the future. Today, over 20 years later, O.K. Farms stands as one of the largest tropical fruit producers in all of the United States and is now an incremental stakeholder when it comes to achieving food independence within the state of Hawaii. 

O.K. Farms, along with sister companies Kau Coffee Mill, Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company, and others, ensure that many unique crops are available for the local markets. O.K. Farm alone grows many beloved fruits and produce. In addition, they provide the farmers on the island with their Farm Box, which is an agriculture box that is distributed in Hilo each Tuesday. Within these boxes are a diversity of vegetables and fruits from farms around the Big Island. The Farm Boxes are constructed for area residents ensuring that local families have access to healthy, fresh produce and a variety of foods. 

In addition to the farm tour and the many scenic overlooks and breathtaking views on O.K. Farms, the farm also has its own merchandise line. At their shop, you can purchase branded glasses, hydro flasks, coffee mugs, hats, containers, and bags, along with farm-fresh citrus spice tea, curry leaves, Macadamia Nut Honey, Rainbow Falls Hilo Coffee, packages of nuts from Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company, various types of hydrosols, lip balm, all-natural spices, and more. You can order these amazing products and branded merchandise online or visit the small shop on-site when touring the farm. 

Guests rave about the beauty of this small yet unique farm. They claim that although comparatively, it isn’t the largest farm, nor does it over the most extensive tours, seeing a rainbow while on site is pretty much a guarantee thanks to the almost magical Rainbow Falls. The rainbow rises out of the midst of the aptly named Rainbow Falls to give guests a guaranteed breathtaking experience. Add to this the knowledgeable expertise of the tour guides, and it’s clear why a visit is in order.

Insider Tips:
– There is easy access to parking nearby the O.K. Farms. 
– The viewing pathway that is the highlight of a visit to O.K Farms is easy to access and could be accessible even in a wheelchair. It is only 30-50 feet from the parking area. The stairs to the upper viewing area are not as easy to navigate and aren’t handicap accessible. 
– The O.K. Farm also features a world-class soccer field.