Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato

Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato – Where to Enjoy Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Gelato in Pahoa
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5.0 / 5
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Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato is the place to go in Pahoa for handcrafted gelato made with love. Always organic, vegan, and gluten-free, their gelato is not just tasty but also good for you and the environment. So, you’ll always feel fantastic about stopping by when cravings strike.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you want to treat yourself good, stop by Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato, for sure. At this Pahoa eatery, you can count on getting handcrafted gelato made with love. Their recipes ensure all their gelato remains organic, gluten-free, and vegan, so you can feel good about noshing on their sweet treats. On top of that, they only use the freshest local ingredients, resulting in them switching things up on the daily.  

For all their gelato flavors, a coconut milk base kicks things off, allowing them to build off a consistent platform every time. Then, they often use in-season fruits and veggies to create their most popular flavors, like their Raspberry Elderflower. For other flavors, they might use freshly brewed coffee, local chocolate, and bright herbs to bring their recipes to life.

As for color, the rich pastel tones largely come from the strategic use of turmeric, beets, spirulina, and other natural ingredients. Add-ins, like chopped nuts, candies, and more, go into the mix last to take their creations to the next level. Then, they skip the preservatives in favor of simply making all their creations fresh each day.

Their dedication to excellence doesn’t stop at gelato either. They put just as much care into creating their gluten-free waffle cones. Their recipe uses a precise mix of gluten-free flours to create the perfect texture every time. Then, they pour in locally sourced vanilla for the iconic flavor to match. Their custom cones serve as the ideal vessel for your gelato flavors of choice. But you can get yours in a cup or bowl – or even in a milkshake if you prefer.

Although they have over 400 gelato recipes in the books, only a dozen or so land on the menu board each day. They change things up to ensure they’re only using the freshest ingredients around day in and day out. So, keep an open mind as you walk up to the counter to order because you never know what you’re going to find. If you cannot decide between the options of the day, just ask for a sample or two to easily find your favorite.

Then, let them know how you’d like your selected gelato flavor served and step back to wait for the magic to happen. The team will get right to work in scooping up your selections, and then serve them with aloha all around.

Come by for a taste of the:

Night in Paris
The Night in Paris takes you on a truly unique flavor journey from start to finish. Their coconut milk base takes quite the turn as espresso joins the party. After that, they add the cinnamon to deepen the flavor profile even more. Then, right at the end, they go for the extraordinary by adding fresh sage.

For a unique take on an old classic, get the Tiramisu. This tasty treat starts with a coconut milk base amplified by rich custard flavors. Once that’s ready, they add espresso and cinnamon in just the right amounts to emulate the original perfectly.

Chocolate Ghost Pepper
If you love your chocolate with a spicy kick, treat yourself to the Chocolate Ghost Pepper. Although this one starts with a coconut milk base, the rich chocolate takes over with quickness. Then, all that goes to the wayside as ghost pepper sneaks in and blasts your tastebuds with the spice.

They do have a couple of bar stools out front in case you want to plop down and dig in. But most people hit the road with their gelato in hand. The frozen treats transport well, after all, and are easy to savor as you window shop along Pahoa Village Road.

Insider Tips:
-If you have your heart set on a certain flavor, give them a call to ask what’s on the menu before dropping by.
-Their most popular flavors sell out early in the day, so swing by before noon to avoid missing out.