You Make the Roll

You Make The Roll: Fresh Sushi That Is Always Worth The Wait
The Bottom Line:

Sushi with an Asian Fusion is what you'll enjoy at Hayashi’s You Make The Roll Sushi in downtown Kailua.  There are signature items on the menu as well as a complete list of ingredients for you to customize just what you want to, “Make The Roll!” 

- The Local Expert Team

Sushi with an Asian Fusion smile is what you will enjoy at Hayashi’s You Make The Roll Sushi tucked away on Alii Drive in downtown Kailua. You know it has to be good because this is where the locals go for the freshest sushi in Kona. The line outside the door is also a hint that there is something inside that is worth the wait. The name says it all. You see when you walk inside you are greeted by large school house-style chalkboards filled with menu item after menu item. There are tried and true signature items on the menu as well as a complete list of fresh ingredients for you to customize just what you want to, “Make The Roll!” Great name, for a very special place. 

Before we get started with all the deliciousness, be warned that this hidden treasure is off the beaten path is extremely low-key, casual with a dated curb appeal. They’ve been here for years, but their sign above the entrance looks like a temporary banner. Let’s just say, the ambiance is quaint, down to earth with casual decor. If ambiance is your preferred dining style, you can take your sushi order to go and dine at a nearby park with an ocean view. As soon as you experience what all the fuss is about, you’ll soon forget about fancy waiters and elegant decor. 

Whether you’re a sushi novice or expert you’re in for a treat. There are items on the menu that you may have never seen in sushi before making this spot is so extraordinary. Try out brand-new options for your all-time favorite. Every ingredient is freshly sourced on the Island from both land and sea. Walk right up to the counter and order a three, four, five, or six choice roll. You might think you only want three, but go for four or five, because this sushi leaves you wanting more. Try the local favorite, Ninja Star roll packed full of fresh Ahi Tuna, avocado slices, and crispy tempura shrimp. Or go for a couple of Sushi Tacos, that’s right! You Make the Roll Sushi has tacos and pizza too. But not your ordinary tacos and pizza. They are loaded with fresh fish and other amazing tropically grown ingredients. The following sushi tacos are served with crunchy cucumber, leaf lettuce and wrapped in soy paper. 

Sushi Taco #1
Fresh spicy Ahi, creamy avocado, and peppery daikon slices (radish)

Sushi Taco #2
Tender teriyaki chicken, fresh, cream cheese, and chopped sweet tomato

Sushi Taco #3
Perfectly cooked shrimp, sweet papaya, and creamy sliced avocado

Sushi Taco #4
Crispy tempura shrimp, freshly chopped tomato, creamy sliced avocado, and spicy sauce

Now, on to the Make Your Roll ingredient list. We would be remiss if we didn’t whet your appetite with all the fresh items available for you to customize your very own sushi roll. Go ahead and name it! 
Spicy Ahi
Smoky Ahi
Fresh salmon
Tempura Shrimp
Cooked shrimp
Cooked octopus
Imitation crab meat

Plus, for the not so raw fish fans, there is tender teriyaki chicken to tempt your taste buds. Vegetarians, no worries, you can get in on the sushi roll action too. The veggie-only rolls feature the freshest locally sourced veggies on the Island. The Green Roll filled will creamy avocado and crispy cucumber is delightfully refreshing.

Delicious ingredients to add include:
Sweet onion
Green onion
Daikon (radishes)

You may want to call ahead and place your order to save some time. But to get the entire You Make The Roll experience, get in line, meet some new sushi-loving friends and enjoy one of the hottest sushi spots in Hawaii. 

Insider Tip:
Plenty of free parking, limited indoor and outdoor seating featuring umbrellas.