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Have Your Own Underwater Ecoadventure at Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii
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Get close to Hawaii’s underwater life with dive and snorkeling experiences from Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii. With options for beginners to licensed SCUBA divers, you’ll find a tour to suit your skill level. Check out the unseen side of Hawaiian life when you’re near Kailua-Kona on the Big Island.

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Experience the wildlife of the Kona Coast where the sea creatures live with one of the trips from Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii. Dubbed “ecoadventures” by the company, these trips get you up close and personal with manta rays, whales, sharks, and more. Plus, you don’t have to be a licensed SCUBA diver to participate, but you do need to be able to swim for all the dive tours.

Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii has appeared on shows on the Travel Channel and others featuring its nighttime Manta Ray Dive and snorkeling experience. This famous tour brings guests close to some of the more than 240 identified and named local manta rays. The dive occurs after dark because that time allows for the best viewing when the animals converge in Keahole Bay to feed on the local phytoplankton.

This company features other dives during the day, too. You shouldn’t miss the chance to see other underwater wildlife off the Kona Coast by booking another of the many diving or snorkeling tours. During the winter, enjoy the non-diving boat tour that takes visitors on an educational whale-watching trip along the Kona Coast.

Choose from among the many types of tours Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii offers:

Snorkeling Tours
Snorkeling tours are the best option for families because anyone over six who can swim can snorkel on many of these tours. When snorkeling with youngsters, all children under 17 need to have an adult with them throughout the tour. These snorkeling tours include the famous nighttime Manta Ray Dive for all abilities and the Wildlife Ecoadventure for advanced snorkelers ages 12 and up.

The Wildlife Ecoadventure takes snorkelers along the coast then to the deeper pelagic zone. Coastal snorkelers often see sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks. While in the deeper pelagic zone, swimmers have spotted whales and sharks.

SCUBA Diving Tours
The SCUBA Diving Ecoadventure gives you the chance to choose two dive sites from a selection of 80 to get a customized adventure that lasts all morning. Options include exploring turtle cleaning stations, marine preserves, lava tubes, and more. You don’t have to be a certified SCUBA diver to enjoy this trip. First-timers are welcome as are snorkelers. Certified PADI instructors guide you through the things that you will see at the dive sites and help with changing tanks between dives.

Another of the popular SCUBA Diving tours is the night dive with manta rays. Like the Ecoadventure, this tour also allows snorkelers to come along. You enjoy a sunset cruise to the site and swim in 35-40-foot-deep waters to view manta rays up close at night.

Seasonal Whale Watching Tours
From January through March, you can enjoy watching for whales from the comfort of a fully outfitted 40-foot boat. The tour lasts up to three hours with fresh fruit, restrooms, snacks, and water available onboard the vessel. Tour guides narrate the tour to educate you about the whales and their habits when they visit the waters of the Hawaiian Islands.

You can even hear whale songs on this tour with the assistance of an underwater microphone, called a hydrophone. This microphone can pick up whale sounds from as far as 12 miles away. With a 99% chance of seeing a whale, this tour is one that you must book if you want to see whales while in Hawaii during the winter.   

Whichever of the ecoadventures you choose with Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii, you’ll have an unforgettable experience that brings you closer to the underwater wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands.

Insider Tips:
-Take motion sickness prevention medicine, such as Dramamine, before the trip if you are prone to seasickness. Even on calm seas, the boat can still rock enough to affect those with easily triggered motion sickness.
-Book tours at least one week before you go to ensure that you get the time and tour you want.
-Check out the whale watching tours in winter if you want to see wildlife but cannot swim or don’t want a dive tour.