Kozy’s Tiki Palace

Kozy's Tiki Palace – Enjoy an Electrifying Mix of Magic and Comedy in Waikoloa
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4 / 5
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Want to laugh your heart out while enjoying awe-inspiring magic tricks? Just come by Kozy’s Tiki Palace in the Queens’ Marketplace for a show to remember. Then, shop all the Tiki and Hawaiiana artwork to take home a memento of your amazing experience.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you just need a good belly laugh while pondering the mysteries of the universe, you can count on Kozy’s Tiki Palace to leave you delighted. At this Waikoloa venue, Kozy expertly blends comedy and magic to create truly unique shows every time. In between all the fun, you can view the hand-curated gallery filled with Hawaiiana and Tiki artwork.

As a world-renowned magician and comedian, Kozy goes all out in entertaining the crowds on the regular. In fact, he performs in two shows every night, ensuring that all who want to join can take part in the fun. Every last show is different from the rest, too, thanks to his experience as a street and stage performer.

Kozy’s work is so good, in fact, that he’s earned the title of “World-Class Comic Magician” while working in this field for nearly 40 years. His exquisite talents have landed him on major TV shows, like The Tonight Show, and even onstage for the British Royal Family.

His career experiences have all led up to his move to the Big Island where he’s settled down for good. He opened up his gallery and showroom in the Queens’ Marketplace, intent on delighting locals and tourists alike. He kicks open the gallery doors bright and early in the morning each day, and then reserves the evening hours for his performances.

So, to get the full experience, you’ll want to book your tickets for your show of choice. Then, stop by before the show to browse the gallery. Kozy himself mans the art gallery all day long. So, if you have any questions about anything on display, just ask him. The stunning pop art, tiki figures, and other items collected on his travels will undoubtedly leave you enamored. Fortunately, if you fall in love with any of the items on display, you can take them home for the right price.

After shopping around, you’ll need to grab a seat and get ready for the show. At just 20 seats total, the cozy theater space makes for a truly intimate performance that allows everyone to get in on the action. You’ll want to take a moment to soak in the beautiful décor and serene ambiance. But don’t miss the chance to make a few new friends by chatting up your fellow attendees. 

Once Kozy comes out, however, you won’t want to take your eyes off the stage. It’s best that you don’t either because the forbidden tiki magic happens fast. Even though you’re sitting just six feet from the stage, your close proximity doesn’t make it easier to figure out how all the tricks work. Making things even more difficult is the happy voodoo comedy that brings tears to your eyes. Fortunately, if you miss a thing, you can always come back the next day for another show.

It’s a good idea to see the show several times over because Kozy switches things up using his background in improv. Bring extra friends along for the ride each time, too, so you can treat all your loved ones to a show to remember. Just keep in mind that the show only works for those ages 18 and up, so leave the kiddos with a sitter each time.

Insider Tips:
-If you want to get selected to go up on stage, make quite a friendly fuss when the opportunity arises. The high-energy volunteers always get picked first.
-Want to sip on drinks all throughout the show? Stop by the Kuleana Rum Shack for your selections before grabbing a seat in the theater. Or you can just bring your own beer or wine without worrying about a corkage fee.
-Arrive well before the show starts. Late arrivals interrupt the act too much, ruining the show for all.
-Attend the earliest show of the day, and then get dinner nearby afterward to chat about just how all the magic happened for the rest of the evening.