Kona Honu Divers

Kona Honu Divers – Where to Go to Experience the Wonders of the Oceanside Along Kona
The Bottom Line:

If you’ve always wanted to explore the wonders of the oceanside on the Big Island, let Kona Honu Divers lead the way. Their experienced dive masters and crew can take you on a deep dive, snorkeling tour, or private trip all your own. Need gear? They have a full dive shop, complete with rental gear.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Kona Honu Divers always goes above and beyond in showing their guests all the wonders of the oceanside. Day in and day out, they lead the way on dive trips and private charters along the Kona coast. Their sister company, Kona Snorkel Trips, takes their guests on their snorkeling experiences. Across both companies, their adventures hit all the top dive spots, so you can explore marine life while learning about the importance of ocean conservation.

Get Tickets to the Scuba Diving Experience

Their dive shop allows you to get geared up with all the items you need for your underwater adventures. They carry all the top brands offering gear for scuba diving, freediving, and even spearfishing. You can invest in your own equipment – or even get your current gear fixed while you wait. Just trying out these fun activities? Get their rental gear instead. They rent their items by the day, so you can join their tours or go out on your own.

On top of having all the right gear, you must meet all their health, fitness, and certification requirements to join their scuba diving tours. Not certified? Ask about their scuba certification classes before signing up for a dive tour. Their classes range from beginner courses to divemaster certs, so you can reach your desired level of expertise.

After you get geared up and certified, you’ll be ready to join their tours. For all their trips, you’ll go on one of three beautifully equipped boats. Their Hone One has room for up to 18 divers, 30 snorkelers, or 49 charter passengers. Their Honu Lele is a much more intimate vessel with room for up to six people plus the captain and crew. The Orca accommodates up to 18 snorkelers or passengers but is not suitable for scuba diving tours.

All tours launch out of the Honokohau Harbor, which is about 5 to 15 minutes from all the top spots to snorkel and dive. As you travel along, take a moment to simply enjoy the scenic views of the oceanside and the island behind you. Then, see if you can spot any dolphins, turtles, or other marine life in your midst. If not, no worries because you’ll see plenty once you get in the water.

Their top tours include:

Two Tank Local Morning Dive
On the Two Tank Local Morning Dive, you’ll head out on the Honu One to two dive sites along the Kona coast. At those sites, you’ll get to see colorful reefs, lava tubes, and other amazing underwater formations. As for the creatures, expect to encounter white reef sharks, octopuses, and everything in between.

Black Water Night Dive
Only available to certified divers with over 50 logged dives, the Black Water Night Dive takes you 60 feet down into the pitch-black depths. As the open ocean creatures pass by, you’ll get to see cephalopods, clear larval fish, and other wonders likely for the first time ever. With a dive camera in hand, you’re sure to capture photos to last a lifetime, giving you tons of fun stories to share with family and friends.

Manta Ray Snorkeling
By signing up for the Manta Ray Snorkeling tour, you’ll get to see truly majestic creatures floating through the deep blue seas. At over 16 feet long and a stunning 1,200 pounds, the manta rays dwarf everyone hanging out nearby. Yet, their gentle nature makes them perfectly safe to swim around, making it a magical experience for all ages.

If you want to go on a tour with just your friends and family, book a private charter. You get to select from their Hone One, Honu Lele, and Orca dive boats, plus go on a trip customized to your preferences. Their private tours add pure magic to your island experience, especially if you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, or other special occasions. You’ll need to call well in advance to schedule this trip, so they can reserve your spot and work out all the details.

Insider Tips:
-Reserve your charter trips well before landing on the island. Their spots fill up fast, so you have to think ahead to avoid missing out.
-If you’re likely to get seasick, take an over-the-counter motion sickness medication about an hour before your departure time.