Kohala UTV Adventure

Tour the Valleys of Kohala with Kohala UTV Tours
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Kohala UTV Adventure Tour is a great way to learn a lot about Hawaiian folklore, historic locations, and simply enjoy the breathtaking beauty that you expect to experience when visiting Hawaii. By adding this to your itinerary you can see lush pastures, beautiful seascapes, and majestic mountains, all in one tour, and all guided by a skilled and knowledgeable tour guide professional.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

The guided Kohala UTV Adventure Tour in the Valleys of Kohala gives guests a rare glimpse of not only the pristine landscape of beautiful Hawaii but of the history and legends that have formed the region. The tour begins at the northernmost rim of the seven valleys of Kohala at the Valley of the Long Spear. Kohala UTV Adventures has exclusive rights to tour guests through the over 800 acres of Kohala Sugar Company, among lands that border the thousands of acres that make up the forest and the western rim of Pololu Valley. Suffice it to say that these rugged remote lands are some of the most culturally significant and beautiful in all of Hawaii. 

When you arrive for your tour at Kohala UTV Tours, which incidentally stands for utility task vehicle, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will help you gear up for your upcoming adventure. Safety is of paramount importance, so after filling out the paperwork, guests will be outfitted with safety gear and then participate in a succinct safety and operation briefing. After this, you will climb aboard the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 (a nimble five-seat off-roader) and warm up on the practice course before hitting the trail. 

Once you have built up your confidence and are safely able to operate your UTV, you will follow your guide through the locked gates and move towards kapu (forbidden) lands. Throughout your tour, you will view the sea’s dramatic edge and the forest’s misty heights. There will be several opportunities throughout your trek for your guide to point out various interesting tidbits and share some folklore of the area. Cascading waterfalls, soaring hawks, sea cliffs, yawning chasms and more will all be part of every tour. 

At the end of your adventure, you will return to the Kohala UTV Tour base. Here, you will enjoy a few light refreshments and experience what islanders call a “talk story.” You can also take souvenir photos with your guide before bidding them farewell. Guests claim that their Kohala Adventure UTV Tour was the highlight of their vacation as it not only was a ton of fun, but the guides were masterful storytellers who shared a bit of their significant cultural history with them throughout their tour. 

This fun tour is a great way for a large group to enjoy their time together while on the island. The tour duration is around 2 ½ hours from the time of check-in until you return to the base. Some gear is provided by Kohala UTV Tours, including a rain poncho, gloves, goggles, helmet, and head sock in addition to the previously mentioned light snack at the end of your adventure. All guests should be able to walk on uneven ground and be able to sit for at least one hour in an upright position. UTV tours are not a good idea for anyone who has neck or back problems, is pregnant, or is fearful of getting wet or muddy. 

Speaking of which, keep in mind, you will likely get either wet and muddy or dusty depending on the weather. This adventure is truly that, an adventure throughout some of the most remote locales in Kohala. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear pants and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, no flip-flops or sandals are allowed. You must wear water-tolerant boots or walking shoes. Remember, you will be walking on many uneven areas. Make sure you bring along a change of clothing and a towel for after your adventure. It’s also a good idea to bring a light jacket as it can get chilly.

Insider Tips:
-The minimum age for driving the UTV is 21. Non-driving riders must be five years or older. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  
-Check-in for Kohala UTV Tours is at the headquarters in the town of Hawi off Hawi Road. Look for the small yellow building between the zip line operation and the eco-tours parking area.  
-Throughout the tour, you will get out of your UTV and take several short walks to access various viewing areas.