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Kohala Divers is a PADI 5-star Dive Center that offers excursions off the Kohala Coast. You can choose to enjoy snorkeling or diving experiences all guided by expert instructors and set in the crystal clear waters of Kohala. You can also get your PADI certification if you haven’t already and be able to explore the beauty of the underwater world in a whole new way! 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Diving off the uncrowded Kohala Coast, the Kohala Divers welcome you to their spacious, custom-built dive boat Namaka. Namaka, interestingly enough, is named after a Hawaiian ocean goddess. Consequently, you can be sure you too will get the royal treatment when experiencing a dive with Kohala Divers. The multiple seating and viewing areas on the deck mean you will have plenty of room to spread out and truly enjoy your experience on the water. 

The waters off the Kohala Coast are spectacularly clear. This is because the area has the least rainfall in all of Hawaii. In addition, as the oldest part of the island, the underwater world has been allowed to develop, meaning there is an opulence of tunnels, lava tubes, arches, ledges, and of course reefs to explore. See everything from the tiniest invertebrates and nudibranchs to large dolphins, turtles, mantas, reef sharks, and even humpback whales in season during your dive.  With 20 different sites to explore, Kohala Divers offers the best diving experience in all of Hawaii. 

Aside from the spectacularly clear waters, the abundance of dive sites, and the expertly designed dive boat, Kohala Divers really stands out from other similar services because of their amazing crew. Their crew love diving and love sharing the ocean wonder’s with their clients even more. Group sizes are always kept small on purpose to allow for a more non-rushed experience. In addition, Kohala Divers caters to all levels of diving experience, meaning whether this is your first dive ever or you have dived all over the world, you will leave with new memories along with some new friends. 

In addition, the team at Kohala Divers has over 30 years of experience working off the Kohala Coast. They are also a recognized 5-star PADI facility. Guests can join the crew for a boating excursion, take a PADI class in their private pool, or get outfitted with high-quality snorkel or dive gear to either rent or purchase, allowing them to explore on their own. The full-service dive center is fully equipped to meet all snorkel, dive, or beach day needs. 

Although there are many dive choices to enjoy with Kohala Divers, including instructional classes and more, the most popular activity is the two-site dive or snorkel experience. This dive experience lasts six hours and is applicable for ages eight and up. In most cases, the sites to explore aren’t chosen until the boat leaves the harbor so the expert guide and instructor can best determine where the day’s adventure is ideally served. They will choose locations with the calmest waters and best visibility. 

If guests want to snorkel, they are welcomed as long as they are aged eight and up. Depending on the season, snorkelers will likely enjoy whale and dolphin activity while on their excursion. Certified diving requires all participants to have been diving in the past five years or to have completed a refresher course. They must also all be able to swim against mild to moderate currents in open water. All divers must be able to maintain enough buoyancy independently to complete a three-minute stop and be comfortable diving in a group of up to six other divers. Above all, Kohala Diver’s number one priority is the safety of all their passengers and crew. Therefore, they verify diver certification before anyone is allowed to go on a diving excursion. 

Amenities on the boat for these two-site excursions include beverages and snacks, upper and lower deck seating, two boarding ladders, private head, two heated freshwater showers, freshwater tank, and table for cameras, as well as an extensive marine life library. Either snorkel or dive excursions are a luxurious and wonderful experience with Kohala Divers.  

Insider Tips:
-Kohala Divers offers scuba lessons in their 10-foot pool. 
-PADI Certifications from Kohala Divers are good for life and accepted worldwide. 
-Kohala Divers also offers a Fii Freediving Course, explaining free diving history, gear, safety, physics, and physiology.