Honokaa Country Market

Honokaa Country Market – A Great Spot for Groceries, Essentials, and Prepared Food to Go
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Looking for a wonderful place to get all your groceries and essentials plus a quick bite to eat? Just stop by Honokaa Country Market for all you need. Their partnership with local vendors ensures their shelves stay full of all the top products year-round.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want to get all your groceries, essentials, and food to go, just set your sights on a trip over to Honokaa Country Market. Through their partnerships with local vendors, they always have all the top items on their shelves. Their team puts aloha at the center of all they do, too, so you can expect to get a warm welcome and plenty of support through your shopping journey.

At each visit, you can get fresh produce, local meat, and packaged goods galore. Beer, wine, and even hard liquor are always on the menu as well. On top of that, they have personal care items, household goods, and so much more. Brands they carry include Double D Ranch, Mamane Bakery, Ola Brew, Punachicks, Wai Meli Honey, and tons of other local favorites.

They’re always getting new items through the doors, too. So, it’s well worth taking another look whenever you’re in the area. Their store is a joy to walk through as well, always clean and well-organized to boot. You can even expect to get the highest quality of service on every visit. Their team goes big on the aloha to make sure that you feel right at home. If you need any assistance, just say the word and their team members will do all they can to perfect your shopping experience.

Once you get all your groceries and other essentials, stop by the deli for their prepared foods. They start each day by whipping up a big batch of soup, filling the store with the delicious scent of homecooked food. Then, they create their quiche flavors of the day before prepping all the sandwich ingredients. On Fridays, they even prepare meat and veggie pies of all kinds.

With so many tasty items on tap, it’s well worth getting lunch during your visit. Don’t hesitate to buy extra items before you leave, so you can have a scrumptious snack later in the day as well.

Their top prepared foods include:

Although it might sound like everyday fare, their BLT is a true treasure to behold. They make this popular sandwich by frying up applewood smoked bacon until perfectly crisp. Then, they put it on locally made jalapeno cheese bread along with Wow Farms tomatoes and arugula by the boatload. Right at the end, they slather mayo over it all to elevate the flavors even more.

Portobello Sandwich
If you want to skip the meat but not the flavor, go with the Portobello Sandwich, for sure. This fan-favorite starts with housemade focaccia split down the middle. Over that, they pile on the portobello mushrooms, Wow Farms tomatoes, caramelized onions, and arugula. Local goat cheese joins the party next followed by mayo and a balsamic reduction.

Meat Pie
If you want to end your week right, treat yourself with a Meat Pie (or two!). They create each pie by sauteing local ground beef with mushrooms, onion, and thyme. Red wine deglazes the pan and then reduces to create a nice sauce. The mixture goes in a homemade onion pastry along with cream cheese before baking to a nice golden brown.

If you’re in their service area, you can request delivery to your location for an extra charge. They use Costco delivery to get your order to you, but they don’t work fast. Orders placed by Thursday will not arrive until the next Wednesday. So, you’ll need to think ahead if you want to go this route.

Insider Tips:
-When ordering delivery, the fee does not count as the tip for the driver.
-Whether you’re buying alcohol in-store or by delivery, you’ll need to show a valid ID to verify that you’re at least 21 years old.
-Want the inside scoop on all their newest items? Just follow their Instagram page for the deets.
-Once you get your food, grab a seat on the bench outside to enjoy your meal while watching the world pass you by.