Big Island Water Sports

Big Island Water Sports - Rentals, Parties, and SNUBA Coming Soon in 2022
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Big Island Water Sports advertises itself for jet ski rentals, private parties, and SNUBA activities. Guests can sign up for tours through Shaka via the website and sign up for email updates.

- The Local Expert Team

Big Island Water Sports is a jet-ski renter, private party hoster, and SNUBA gear provider located conveniently on Kailua Pier. The staff invites all interested parties to sign up for email updates, and the site includes a link for Shaka, another tourist attraction that specializes in sailing catamarans, luxury snorkeling charters, and jet boats.  

 Big Island Water Sports praise the staff for their comprehensive guidance. People who are nervous about being on or working with unfamiliar watercraft or equipment wind up having a truly delightful time, thanks to excellent and clear directions from the instructors. Experience the island from a very different vantage point, regardless of which option you choose. 

Guests also reference a private island that the company uses as a base for its tours. It seems to be more of a floating dock than a tropical paradise. Still, people appreciate its privacy and its functionality of it. There’s no one to crowd you out of the water if you’re renting equipment, and you seem to have a good chunk of the ocean to yourself. 

The guides are happy to direct people to the most action-packed parts of the water, so don’t be surprised to see dolphins show up and splash around while you’re paddleboarding. You may also see some manta rays on the surface if you’re enjoying a swim. 

The Joy of SNUBA

As the name suggests, SNUBA is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. Participants breathe through a regulator that’s connected to an airline. The air comes from a tank that sits on the ocean’s surface in an inflatable raft. You can go up to 20 feet below the surface when you SNUBA and you can get all the equipment from Big Island Water Sports. 

SNUBA doesn’t require any certification or experience, so even those who aren’t the strongest swimmers can enjoy SNUBA. While you might not be able to go quite as deep as SCUBA, you can still see plenty at 20 feet below. You can only SNUBA with licensed providers, so Big Island Water Sports may be a good option if you’re looking to check this one off your list. 

Throw Your Own Private Party 

Thanks to their private space in the ocean, Big Island Water Sports is happy to organize private parties for groups that have a reason to celebrate. Everyone who comes to the Big Island is there to enjoy the natural beauty rather than the big-city atmosphere. This option is a perfect way to explore what’s available and get more from the experience both on and off the coast.

Fast and Fun Jet Skis 

The jet skis are in excellent condition, and they’re plenty fast enough for the adventure-lovers in the group. Jet skiing isn’t just a thrilling activity though, it’s a way to really explore the waters and break a little out of your comfort zone. 

If you’re interested in booking tours immediately, Big Island Water Sports has an affiliate link on the site, Big Island Shaka. This company offers private charters, sailing, and snorkeling. Try your hand at luxury liners and search for whales. The company offers a variety of watercraft and launch times, so you can choose your own adventure. 

Insider Tips:
-You can sign up for updates from Big Island Water Sports or sign up for tours and rentals via its affiliate, Shaka. 
-The company has its own private ‘island’, which seems to give guests plenty of space to work with.