Awapuhi Labyrinth

Awapuhi Labyrinth – Go on a One-Mile Rejuvenating Journey in the Heart of Keaau
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4 / 5
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Whenever you need to rejuvenate your mind and body, let the Awapuhi Labyrinth lead the way to revitalization. A one-mile path to enlightenment, this Keaau garden promises to delight with its wondrous sights, serene atmosphere, and opportunities for self-reflection. Plan to take your time walking down the path and back again to relish the experience.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to take a truly peaceful walk through paradise, go on a trip through the Awapuhi Labyrinth. Set in the heart of Keaau, this trek represents the spiritual journey through life itself, taking you on a one-mile trip to remember. Just open up your heart to the beauty all around, and then let your mind wander as you travel down the path and back again.

Christie and John Wolf built the labyrinth in their backyard in 1999, intent on helping revitalize their community. They based the design on the 13th-century flooring set in the center of the Chartres Cathedral. They doubled its size, however, to allow visitors to walk between tons of gorgeous tropical plants as they travel along with the eleven circuits. The plan worked out perfectly, creating a pathway just under a mile-long round-trip.

To explore the labyrinth design for yourself, you’ll need to venture into the Wolf’s neighborhood. Since the labyrinth sits inside a residential area, they only have one proper parking spot for visitors. You can park along the roadway, however, as long as you’re careful to avoid blocking nearby driveways. Also, be sure to stay quiet to avoid disrupting their neighbors if you come by after dark. They stay open 24/7, so no one is ever without a much-needed trip through the labyrinth.

After finding a spot, walk down the driveway to the path behind the house. You’ll soon come across the giant labyrinth sprawling before you, complete with a rock emblazoned with “Solvitur Ambulando” at the threshold. The saying means, “It is solved by walking,” giving you a glimpse into the power of traveling down the path ahead.

The labyrinth only has one path through its entire expanse, so you never have to worry about getting lost. Although it’s circular overall, the pathway will take you on a series of left and right turns designed to restore balance to your being. You’ll approach the center rosette at times only to turn and travel back toward the outer edge. As with the rest of the labyrinth design, this gives and take represents the ebbs and flows of life.

For the best experience, clear your mind and simply enjoy the view of all the stunning tropical plants in your midst. Wild ginger, ferns, and many other flowers, shrubs, and trees gently sway in the breeze as you walk along. You’ll also see trinkets galore, including shiny rocks, shells, and tiles, all lovingly left by prior labyrinth visitors. You’re even welcome to leave your own trinkets if you’d like to make a mark on the beauty of the gardens.

Simply walking along the labyrinth path is magical enough all on its own. But if you want a more immersive experience, come by on Tuesdays at 8 am for the Weed & Walk experience. During that weekly community event, participants get to gently pull weeds from between the tropical plants. Other maintenance tasks get handled at that time as well, depending on the needs of the garden. Then, everyone gets to walk the labyrinth at their leisure before going to the gazebo for refreshments.

Want to show off your artistic side? Come by at 10 am on the fourth Tuesday of each month for Coloring at the Labyrinth. This popular event brings people of all ages into the gazebo for drawing, coloring, and other artistic endeavors. You’re welcome to bring whatever artwork you’re working on or use the provided supplies to create something new.

Insider Tips:
-Watch your step as you travel through the labyrinth. The plants grow wild at times, so you’ll need to be careful not to step on them. 
-Plan to spend up to two hours traveling from the beginning to the end of the labyrinth. There’s no time limit though, so if you want to stay longer, you definitely can do that.
-Ask about the summer and winter solstice events to experience the magic of the labyrinth in a whole new way.