Aloha Theater

Aloha Theater – Where to See Amazing Performances in the Heart of Kealakekua
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5.0 / 5
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The Aloha Theater is the place to go in Kealakekua for hours of awesome entertainment. Local talent hops up on stage to bring The Rocky Horror Show, Little Shop of Horrors, and other popular productions to life. Plus, with around 300 seats in the theater, every last spot is the best in the house.

- The Local Expert Team

Want to see charming performances put on by local talent from all over the Big Island and beyond? All you have to do is grab tickets to whatever shows you want to see at the Aloha Theater. Little Shop of Horrors, Clue On-Stage, and many other wonderful productions land on their stage all throughout the year. They even put on amazing shows for the little ones, like Disney’s Moana Jr, so the whole family can get in on the fun.

With just 300 seats in their theater, there’s never a bad spot in the house. Every last seat offers a clear view of the stage, ensuring you enjoy a truly intimate experience at every visit. Since there are only a limited number of seats available, you’ll want to get your tickets well ahead of time. They sell out fast, after all, especially during the height of the tourist season. Thankfully, you can easily buy your tickets through their website for all the shows currently on the schedule.

On the day of the show, take a moment to check out the gorgeous theater design before walking through the doors. Built way back in 1932, this historic building has long served as the place to go for performances galore. The original architecture is a true sight to behold, making it a great spot to get a few selfies in before the show. After that, you’ll want to keep your cameras firmly in your pocket because they do not allow any pictures or videos of their performances.

Once you’re inside, the ushers will greet you with plenty of alohas, and then guide you into the theater room. Use the seat number on your ticket to find your assigned spot and settle in for a show to remember. By the end of the show, you’ll undoubtedly end up wanting to come right back for another performance.

Their most popular shows include:

Little Shop of Horrors
If you want all things to come up ‘Suddenly Seymore,’ grab tickets for Little Shop of Horrors while it’s still on stage. This fun show will have you dancing along as the beloved Audrey II grows from a little houseplant to a bloodthirsty ‘Mean Green Mother from Outer Space.’

Clue On Stage
Clue On Stage invites you to join their mysterious dinner party and go on the whodunnit adventure of a lifetime. From Mrs. Peacock to Colonel Mustard, all the shady characters hop onboard to track down just who killed the host before even more end up with an equally untimely demise.

Disney’s Moana Jr
For an unforgettable voyage full of bravery, adventure, and lively tunes, swing by to check out Disney’s Moana Jr. All throughout the show, you’ll follow Moana as she sets sail on a journey across the Pacific in hopes of saving her village.

If you’re going to be on the island for a while, consider auditioning for a role in one of their productions. They usually have a set date for the initial auditions, and then bring back the leading contenders for callbacks. Upon landing the role, you’ll need to learn your lines, show up for rehearsals, and then perform in all the scheduled shows. Interested? You can find calls for auditions by checking their website on the regular.

Insider Tips:
-Although they served concessions in the past, their stand is closed for now.
-The small parking lot on the north side of the building fills up fast. So, plan to arrive early if possible. After the lot fills up, you can park in the stalls across the street or find streetside parking.
-Want to learn the ropes before you join a production? Sign up for their performing arts classes.
-If you’d like to host your own movie showing, stage production, or other private events, ask about their theater rentals.