4D Quarter Horses Hawaii (formerly Dahana Ranch)

4D Quarterhorses – Where to Go Horseback Riding Along the Mauna Kea Slopes
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If you want to experience the magic of horseback riding in paradise, get in touch with 4D Quarterhorses. Previously known as Dahana Ranch, this Waimea favorite lets you explore the slopes of Mauna Kea in style. Beautiful views await your arrival, along with fun challenges, like driving cattle.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Want to see what it’s like to go horseback riding through paradise? If so, you need to book a journey with 4D Quarterhorses in Waimea. With a visit to their ranch, you get to hop up on the back of a highly trained rodeo horse, and then explore the slopes of Mauna Kea. Trail riding, cattle driving, and many other activities await, all perfected by picturesque views in every direction.

Although they’ve changed their name from Dahana Ranch, they still offer the same riding experience as ever. Located at 3,000 feet above sea level, their ranch offers views of lush green vegetation as far as the eye can see. The rolling hills all around serve as the perfect spot for beginners and advanced riders to explore. To take advantage of all that, they offer several riding experiences designed to match your comfort level and desire for memorable Big Island adventures.

To enjoy all they have to offer, you must call or email ahead of time to make your reservations. If you’re planning on visiting during the summer or holiday season, call as soon as you know you’ll be on the island, especially if you want a private ride. For that exclusive experience, you’ll need to buy out 10 spots even if you’ll have fewer people in your group.

On their regular rides, you’ll usually get to head out alongside up to 12 fellow travelers, allowing you to make fast friends along the way. A guide will lead the way, but you won’t ride nose to tail. Instead, everyone is encouraged to spread out and enjoy their horses to the fullest while taking in the amazing views. Kids ages three and up are even welcome to join. They get to ride their own horse while a guide leads them across the island landscape.

All guests should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. It’s also a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket just in case it gets chilly. Don’t forget to put on reef-safe SPF 50+ sunscreen before you arrive. A camera is always a great choice. But be sure to put it on a strap, so you can keep both hands on the reins more often than not.

Their ride experiences include:

Ranch Ride
Perfect for beginners, the Ranch Ride lets you simply enjoy trotting across the landscape. You’ll loosely follow the guide all around the ranch as they take you to all the top spots for phenomenal views. Your journey will teach you how to ride a horse with ease while making memories to last a lifetime.

Cattle Drive
On the Cattle Drive, your guide will show you how to move a herd of cattle all around the landscape. Beginner to advanced riders can participate, just as long as everyone follows the guide’s instructions. As you help maneuver the cattle from place to place, ranch dogs come in to help, treating you to a riveting show.

Advanced Ride
As an experienced rider, you can take your horseback riding journey to the next level by signing up for the Advanced Ride. During this experience, you can canter along at an exhilarating speed to see just what the rodeo horses can do. In the end, your guide might even help you try rodeo tricks for yourself, like standing on the saddle.

On all their rides, you get to enjoy their well-trained quarter horses to the fullest. Every last one of their horses is solid, offering a pleasant ride from start to finish. They learned how to perform at their best by participating in rodeos all over Hawaii and beyond, after all. In fact, their horses are so intuitive that they often know what to do before you do.

Insider Tips:
-All riders must sit on their own horse. So, reflect on if your children would enjoy the solo ride before booking your spot.
-Once the ride starts, you commit to completing the entire experience. So, don’t expect to go back early.
-Riders must fall under the 300-pound weight limit to participate.
-If you need to cancel your ride, provide at least 24 hours’ notice.