Patricio’s Taqueria

Patricio's Taqueria -- Where Authentic Meals Are Full Of Flavor
The Bottom Line:

Patricio's Taqueria is a delicious Big Island dive for hungry tourists and locals alike. Sate your cravings with authentic Mexican cuisine designed to satisfy even the pickiest eater, from tacos a la carte to their famous Patricio Bowls. Order up for dine in or takeout to put a delicious capstone on a perfect Hawaiian day!

- The Local Expert Team

Authentic Mexican cuisine is hard to come by on Big Island, but at Patricio’s Taqueria, finding a meal that suits your cravings is easier than ever. Hot, fresh, and culturally faithful dishes are served to customers every day of the week, surrounded by a friendly environment of local employees and staff members. Patricio’s Taqueria is more than just a local haunt; it’s a fan favorite for anyone who loves Mexican food!

Located on the west coast of Hawaii Island, visitors often stop by this busy joint after a long drive down Queen Kaahumanu Highway (HI-19). Its convenient proximity to the beach, as well as its ease of parking, makes it a great options for busy families and couples. If you’re willing to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

The story behind Patricio’s Taqueria is rooted in the most basic of human pleasures — a craving for good food. In 2004, restaurant founders Rena Grimaldo and Patrick Mitchell moved to Kailua-Kona to start a new life. It wasn’t long before they started craving the flavors of home, and within just a few months, the duo determined to start a restaurant of their own. Inspired by authentic and healthy cooking, the pair works tirelessly to provide home-cooked meals to all of Westside. Whether it’s pork you’re after or some spicy and savory enchiladas, rest assured that Patricio’s Taqueria has it all.

One of the most incredible features of this delicious taqueria is the homemade salsa bar. Three different varieties of homemade salsa are chopped, crushed, and flavored all in-house, primarily using locally sourced ingredients. Locals love diving into their salsa verde or classic spicy tomato, accompanied by crispy, fresh-baked tortilla chips. Enjoy the complementary selections by mixing and matching the perfect amounts for your meal.

There are so many reasons to love the food at Patricio’s Taqueria:

Sweet, caramel overtones complement this creamy dessert perfectly. If you’ve never had the pleasure of indulging in this classic dish before, Patricio’s Taqueria is the perfect place to start.

Baja Fish Tacos
Take a bite of heaven with thick cream, savory spices, and all the island flavors you’ve been craving. Don’t forget to mix in some homemade salsa for the ultimate experience.

Carne Asada Fries
Get your mouth watering with hot and fresh fries straight out of the kitchen, complemented by slowly cooked beef over a bed of onions and seasonings. The big bites and big portions will satisfy any appetite!

This traditional Mexican drink is served exactly the way you want — sweet, chilled, and with the perfect amount of cinnamon. Cap off your next meal with this delightful dessert and drink.

Patricio Bowls
Dive into one of the most coveted meals at Patricio’s Taqueria! Choose your selection of rice, beans, veggies, cheese, and meat for classic bowl dining.

Enjoy hot and fresh cuisine designed to nourish the soul with the incredible meal selection at Patricio’s Taqueria!

Insider Tips:
-Have special dietary restrictions? Patricio’s Taqueria has your back! Vegan and vegetarian options are always provided by the chefs, as well as alternatives to cheese and dairy.
-If you want to get a takeout order with an adult beverage, Patricio’s Taqueria currently offers sealed beer and wine for all delivery orders. Be sure to call ahead and ask about their current drinks menu.
-Patricio’s Taqueria is mere miles away from popular public beaches, specifically including Kohanaiki Beach Park and Pine Trees Surfing Beach. Time your visit so that you can watch the sunset over the glossy Hawaiian shore!
-Patricio’s Taqueria also specializes in catering services for a variety of meals, including burritos, enchilada plates, and a build your own taco bar. Call well in advance to make your request for parties of 20 or more!