Kona Mountain Coffee

Kona Mountain Coffee – Where to Fuel Up for All Your Kailua-Kona Adventures
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4 / 5
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If you want to sip on 100% Kona coffee goodness, set your sights on Kona Mountain Coffee in between all your Big Island explorations. They grow, roast, and brew all their coffee in-house, treating you to the finest drinks around whenever you need to jumpstart your day. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, they have smoothies, hot and iced tea, and blended juice as well.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

For a taste of farm-to-table 100% Kona coffee, put Kona Mountain Coffee on your itinerary, for sure. They grow all their beans on their own farm, and then roast them in house. After that, they brew up cup after cup of deliciousness for your pure enjoyment. Coffee not quite your style? That’s okay! They have hot and iced tea, smoothies, plus blended juice made from concentrate. They even have small bite fare ready to go if you’re feeling a little snacky.

At the center of it all is their Kona coffee, of course, ready to steal the spotlights with its bold aroma and truly unforgettable flavors. Every last cup starts on their Big Island farm where they grow arabica coffee trees in rich volcanic soil. The trees sit at an elevation of 1,200 to 2,400 feet, putting them close to the bright sunlight that helps their fruits ripen beautifully. As that happens, they handpick the coffee cherries at peak ripeness, which brings them back to every tree many times over each season.

Upon picking the coffee, they pulp it, and then dry it out before bringing it inhouse for their precise roasting process. Every last bean gets sorted by size before roasting, and then ends up at the perfect level of doneness for the desired flavor profile. After that, they carefully brew up each cup of their 100% Kona coffee to order and serve it with flair.

Through every step of the process, the team puts an enormous amount of care into bringing their coffee to life. They also go all out in letting their bright aloha spirit shine through as they serve their customers. With that move, they create a warm ambiance in their coffeeshop, making it a great place to kick back and relax. You’re more than welcome to take your selections to go, too, if you’re in a hurry to go enjoy all your upcoming island adventures.

Their most popular items include:

If you want to sip on bright Kona coffee flavors, get the Americano. Available in 12-, 16-, and 20-ounce sizes, this drink starts with freshly brewed espresso. Then, they hit it with filtered water to brighten up the flavor even more. After that, you can add your creamer and flavor of choice – or let it stand all on its own.  

Lemon Chamomile Tea
Whenever you want to sit in pure zen and simply enjoy the good vibes, treat yourself to the Lemon Chamomile Tea. They make this drink by steeping high quality chamomile tea leaves in hot water. Then, they add fresh lemon to the mix to brighten it up before serving your drink with a smile.

Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie
When you want to jumpstart your day with fresh fruit, order up the Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie. This drink comes loaded with sweet strawberries and bananas by the boatload. Then, they take its sweetness to the next level with a generous drizzle of local honey. If you’d like to add even more pep in your step, ask for the scoop of protein for an extra charge.

Do you want to continue enjoying robust 100% Kona coffee after returning home? Just buy their whole or ground beans by the bag before leaving their coffeeshop. If you want to restock later on, you can even go on their website to buy more. To keep the coffee coming automatically, sign up for their Kona Coffee Club.

Insider Tips:
-They do not accept any returns, so make sure you load up your cart with exactly what you want.
-When ordering from their website, items that end up damaged may qualify for a replacement or refund. Be sure to take a photo of the item, and then report the problem to their staff.
-Want to see their beautiful farm in all its glory? Go to their website to take their video tour.
-They do not provide any wi-fi.