Daiichi Ramen Hilo

Daiichi Ramen Hilo-Serving Made To Order Japanese Cuisine
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4 / 5
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Daiichi Ramen Hilo is part of a restaurant chain that is family-operated. The food is made fresh daily, and all meals are cooked to order. Daiichi Ramen Hilo specializes in Japanese cuisine like ramen, brown curry dishes, gyoza, and katsu. You can dine in, pick up, or have meals delivered if using one of the apps mentioned on their website. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Daiichi Ramen Hilo is one of several locations for the restaurant chain. Daiichi Ramen opened in 1999 and is a family-operated restaurant that set out to bring the best Japanese food to Hawaii. Daiichi Ramen Hilo is in a strip mall, and while the ambiance isn’t flashy, the interior is clean and functional. Daiichi Ramen Hilo offers carryout and delivery if you’re using one of the apps mentioned on its website. All meals are prepared to order, so you know you’re getting a piping hot meal when it comes to your table. Their food is made fresh daily, which means you get a delicious, tasty meal every time you dine at Daiichi Ramen Hilo. 

If you’re not familiar with ramen, it is a popular Japanese dish. There are many varieties, but all use noodles served in either beef, chicken, pork, or fish-based broth. Soy sauce or miso are added to season the ramen, and vegetables and meats can be added to make special ramen meals. 

Let’s look at some of the more popular options at Daiichi Ramen Hilo.

Tan Tan Ramen
Tan Tan Ramen is the spicy Japanese version of the Sichuan dish, Danddanmian. The broth is creamy but spicy and contains peanuts, sesame, and chili. Pork and other vegetables as added to make this one of Daiichi Ramen Hilo’s favorites. 

Calamari Curry Rice
Chefs deep-fry the Panko-coated calamari to a golden brown. Brown curry, carrots, and potatoes are ladled onto a bed of rice. The fried calamari is set atop, making for a tasty entree.

Gyoza Teishoku
Gyoza is Japanese dumplings that come with a variety of fillers. Diners receive 6-7 gyozas, dipping sauce, and pork fried rice.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
Chicken cutlets are tossed in Panko seasoning and deep-fried to a golden brown. The chicken is sliced and placed on a bed of white rice with brown curry, carrots, and tomatoes. 

Special Combo
This package deal is for the bargain hunter and those with a big appetite. You first select your mini ramen, udon, and then the type of broth you prefer. Next, you pair this with one of their mini entrees like Mini Curry, Tako Yaki, Chicken Katsu, and Calamari. If you’re famished, and for an added cost, you can select two mini entrees. With so many choices, the combinations are endless!

Most reviews of Daiichi Ramen Hilo are positive, with many citing that the food is superb. The only negative comments seem to be about the staff. Several diners said that the waiter and waitress were not very hospitable or friendly. Yet another guest added that the problem may be a cultural difference and that their service was quick and efficient. 

If you’re craving fresh, made-to-order Japanese food, we think you’ll enjoy your meal at Daiichi Ramen Hilo.

Insider Tips:
-Daiichi Ramen Hilo offers daily happy hour from 2:30-5:00 PM.
-Diners will receive four complimentary gyozas with the purchase of an entree.