Keiki Beach Queen’s Bath

Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath -- Exceptionally Calm Water in West Hawaii
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4 / 5
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Located in West Hawaii, Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath is something of a secret little beach that is located behind a residential property. But don’t let its lack of amenities and odd location deter you too much! If you’re traveling with kids or otherwise want to enjoy some calmer waters to play in, this is a fantastic swimming choice on the Big Island.

- The Local Expert Team

First things first, there is more than one “Queen’s Bath” and “Keikie Beach” across the Hawaiian islands. This friendly review is for the Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath that is located on the outskirts of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath can be found south of the easternmost point of Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. It, unfortunately, is not the easiest to get to, but making the trek to its waters is worth it for those who want to enjoy a quieter, calmer beachfront locale. Start by parking at the rear of the aquatic center’s parking lot at the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. Then, you can either walk across the soccer fields or walk around the full of the baseball diamond to reach Kona Bay Drive. You’ll see a row of houses wrapping around and between them, a clear paved path leading towards the beach. This path lies on the opposite side of the street about where the fenceline is that separates the soccer fields from the baseball diamond. Simply follow this paved path down and you will find it opening up to Keiki Beach Queen’s Bath.

This backing up to big residential properties is certainly a drawback of Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath. This is not a beach that is remote or located within a lush and amenity-packed park. There isn’t even much in the way of shade — not from nearby trees or manmade pavilion-like structures. In fact, there are no amenities at all except for what you can find at the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. As such, most probably won’t find Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath a good location to spend with a big group or family, at least not for more than a couple of hours.

So why visit Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath? Well, as its name implies, this water here is often as calm as bathwater. That’s because high tides come across large rock pools, so when those tides go back out, they leave behind wonderful pools of water. This happens both within a massive rock formation that is the highlight of the beach as well as a few other areas. Even when the tide is high and the waves further out rough, the water in this area is exceptionally calm thanks to other lava rock walls further out. While there is no lifeguard posted at Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath, and as such parents should always stay watchful, the calm waters here and general lack of sneaker waves make it a great place for families and young children to swim at.

Like snorkeling? Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath is a great place for some light snorkeling thanks to the myriad of fish that get left behind in the calm pool every low tide. Enjoy drying off by lounging in the soft golden sand surrounding the hidden tide pool.

Insider Tips:
-Remember, there are no bathrooms out on the beach. But during day hours, you can use the restrooms located at Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area.
-If you really find yourself falling in love with Keikie Beach Queen’s Bath, why not wake up to its beauty? A couple of the homes that border this beach are available as vacation rental properties. Check with the vacation rental agency KonaHome to learn more.