Kaupulehu Beach

Kaupulehu Beach – Enjoy Gorgeous Oceanside Views on the Kohala Coast
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4 / 5
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Are you looking for the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful ocean views along the Kohala Coast? If so, you’ll want to scoot on over to Kaupulehu Beach near the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Just don’t bother bringing your swimsuit because it’s not a safe place to go swimming.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Whenever you want to sit in pure solitude while enjoying spectacular oceanside views, take a trip over to Kaupulehu Beach. Located near the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, this quiet beach doesn’t offer much in the way of swimming. But it’s a lovely place to kick back and simply admire paradise in all its glory. Powerful waves crash against the rocks all throughout the year. Humpback whales swim and play along the shoreline in the winter. And the lava-covered landscape is just plain beautiful always.

In order to get a glimpse of all the wonders that await along the shoreline, you’ll need to ask for a pass at the guard shack. The security guard will check if there are any open spots in the parking lot, and then let you through if there are. Otherwise, you’ll need to come back earlier the next day in hopes of getting a spot. The public lot fills up early in the morning, after all, and then stays full all day long. If you’re lucky, you can come back later in the day in hopes that a few people left since you first arrived.

Once you manage to get a parking spot, you’ll have about a 10-minute walk ahead before you make it to the beach. Luckily, every last step treats you to better and better views. Vivid green grass looks amazing against the black lava rocks beyond. Palm trees sit against the bright blue skies, while the ocean beckons from practically everywhere you look. Upon making it to the water’s edge, just have a seat and take it all in. The stellar view from every direction promises to delight all throughout the year.

Since the waves crash against the rough lava rocks with reckless abandon, it’s best to stay out of the water. Although you could stand on the rocks to feel the sea spray wash over you, there’s always a chance of getting knocked into the water by a rogue wave. There are no lifeguards on duty either, so you’d definitely be on your own if trouble strikes. Worse yet, there’s not likely to be anyone calling for help on your behalf either.

In addition to not having any lifeguards on duty, the beach does not have facilities. There’s not even a bathroom onsite – and you’re not able to go into the resort to use theirs. Instead, you’ll need to plan accordingly and jet out of there as soon as nature calls. Remember that you have a 10-minute walk back to the car plus a long ride into town to find a bathroom.

You won’t find any garbage cans on site either. So, remember to bring trash bags, so you can pack out whatever you brought to the beach. If you find any trash lying about along the way, act as a good steward of the land and pick it up. All beachgoers are responsible for the upkeep of the land, after all, so people can enjoy its beauty forevermore.

Insider Tips:
-The lava rocks feel incredibly sharp underfoot, so wear a sturdy pair of hiking boots while walking over them. While near the water, it’s often best to put on a grippy pair of water shoes instead.
-The waves get even more powerful in the winter months. Plus, the conditions can change fast. So, avoid the beach whenever it seems the slightest bit stormy.
-Never turn your back to the ocean. A wave could knock you off your feet, causing injuries and even dragging you out into the water.