Arnold’s Beach Bar

Arnold's Beach Bar – Enjoy Tasty Drinks at an Authentic Waikiki Tiki Bar
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Want to sip icy cold brews and cocktails galore at an authentic tiki bar? Just set your sights on a visit to Arnold’s Beach Bar in Waikiki. You can come by anytime between 9 am and 2 am daily, ensuring you can enjoy all they offer whether you’re an early bird or night owl.  

- The Local Expert Team

If you’ve always wanted to sip drinks in an authentic tiki bar, Arnold’s Beach Bar is the place to go in Waikiki. You can order icy cold brews, imaginative cocktails, and more at this hidden gem whenever you need a break. Their crew serves every order with a smile, ensuring you get the full tropical getaway experience at every visit.

To enjoy all they offer, you just have to mosey on over to the heart of Hilton Hawaii Village. In that area, you’ll find a small joint marked with a sign saying, “Bar and Grill.” While that might leave you doing a double take, the tiki décor will let you know you’re in the right spot. Once you enter, the big “Arnold’s” sign will instantly confirm your suspicions, leading you into a world of tropical bliss.

Arnold’s Beach Bar interior is the polar opposite of its unassuming exterior. Bamboo décor, tropical plants, and colorful lights create an authentic tiki vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere. You’re welcome to cozy up to the bar or settle into a comfortable corner as long as you order a drink or two soon after arriving.

If you want to keep it simple, they have all the most popular draft beers on tap. But the real magic lies in ordering their legendary Mai tais, margaritas, and other beautifully prepared cocktails. Each one features the finest spirits and tropical ingredients, creating a one-two punch of flavor you’re sure to adore.

When hunger strikes, you can nosh on as much free popcorn as you’d like. You can also order something a bit more substantial, like a hot dog and chips, for an extra charge. Just ask the bartender what they have available, and then make your selections at your leisure. Once you put in your order, they’ll prepare your food and bring it to you when it’s ready.

Fan favorites at Arnold’s Beach Bar are:

Li Hing Margarita
For quintessential Hawaiian flavors in every sip, don’t hesitate to try the Li Hing Margarita. This drink starts with the classic margarita base that’s perfectly sweet with just the right amount of bite. To that, the bartender adds the sweet-sour taste of li hing mui to take the flavors to the next level in an instant. Wow, it’s good!

Blue Hawaii
The Blue Hawaii is a visually stunning drink that tastes just as good as it looks. Its bright blue color mimics the gorgeous Hawaiian skies and seas, making it a must-try drink while in Waikiki. This drink at Arnold’s Beach Bar gets its gorgeous hue from the blue curacao, but it’s the light rum, vodka, and pineapple juice that stand out in every sip.

Vodka Red Bull
When you want to relax for a bit before getting a jolt of energy, order the Vodka Red Bell. To create this drink, the bartender fills a glass with ice before pouring in a can of Red Bull. Then, they drop at least one shot of vodka into the glass to create the ultimate pick-me-up.

At various times, local musicians come in to play original tunes and cover songs for Arnold’s Beach Bar patrons. They usually park themselves in the corner of the bar, playing the guitar and singing with immense passion. A tip bucket often sits nearby so that you can show your appreciation for their talent with a few dollars or more.

Insider Tips:
-Their indoor and outdoor seating is somewhat limited. So, arrive early and keep the drinks flowing if you want to hold onto your spot through the evening hours.
-All patrons must show their ID to enter the bar and order drinks—No exceptions, unless you’re over 100 years old, that is.
-Want to know about all the hot spots in Waikiki? Just ask the bartender for their recommendations on where to stay, what to eat, and what activities to enjoy.
-Happy hour at Arnold’s Beach Bar typically runs daily from 10 am to 6 pm.