Le Crepe Cafe

Visit Le Crepe Café in the Manoa Marketplace for Sweet and Savory Crepes and More
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5.0 / 5
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Who would think that you can get great crepes in Manoa Marketplace? Visit Le Crepe Cafe to find tasty sweet and savory crepes, waffles, omelets, sandwiches, and coffee drinks.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Many people come to Hawaii for genuine local cuisine. Although, you can also find authentic Parisian crepes and other favorites at Le Crepe Cafe. Founded by a former Paris cafe owner, Soufiane Bouharkat, Le Crepe Cafe in Manoa Marketplace brings the tasty flavors of France to Honolulu. Among visitors and area residents, this is a favorite spot. Especially, for those looking for a unique breakfast, freshly brewed coffee, or light lunch.

Le Crepe Cafe has a laid-back atmosphere you find in many other Hawaiian cafes. You order at a counter and wait for someone to bring the food to your table. Plenty of tables inside and outside ensure that you’ll find a place to enjoy your meal.

The staff cooks up your crepes, omelets, waffles, or other food when you order it. So you know that you will have a fresh dish. Plus, you’ll enjoy local ingredients in everything from the Local Joe Honolulu Roasters coffee to the Pono Potions sweeteners for the coffee drinks.

You won’t have to sacrifice eating a filling, flavorful meal when you stick to your dietary requirements at Le Crepe Cafe. Gluten-free buckwheat crepes are just as tasty as their standard options. Vegetarian meals include sandwiches, crepes, smoothies, acai bowls, and desserts.

Le Crepe Cafe not only prepares freshly made food but also focuses on helping to reduce waste by avoiding plastic utensils and plates. They serve food on wooden plates and bowls and drinks in glass containers when you eat your food at the cafe. To-go containers also are free of plastic.

You may need help choosing from the wide selection of tasty foods at Le Crepe Cafe. Try one of these great suggestions from previous diners:

Moulin Rouge
This meaty crepe makes a great light lunch. It comes with sliced turkey, cheese, tomatoes, and basil. To make it even better, request garlic added to the crepe to complement the tomato and basil. The tomatoes add to the juiciness of the filling and make it a heartier dish.

Romeo et Juliette
Romeo et Juliette is one of the sweet crepes. It combines the simple flavors of strawberries, bananas, and Nutella spread in a sweet crepe. A topping of whipped cream lightens the flavor of the dish. This crepe works well when you find yourself torn between ordering a chocolatey option or a fruity one. With this crepe, you get both flavors in every bite.

Breakfast of Champions
Le Crepe Cafe visitors highly recommend the Breakfast of Champions as a great way to enjoy a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, cheese, and vegetables. Like the omelets and other breakfast crepes, you can order this meal any time of the day. It comes with garlic, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, turkey bacon, and eggs for a protein-packed meal. One visitor even rated this crepe as 11 out of 10 after polishing off their plate.

Sweet Aloha Coffee
If you like your coffee on the sweet side, order the Sweet Aloha coffee drink. It starts with a dark chocolate latte base. You can choose organic soy, whole milk, almond milk, or oat milk for the latte. Organic honey and cinnamon add extra sweetness to this drink, which you can order hot or iced. Thanks to the Hawaiian heat, most people prefer to order their coffee drinks iced to cool off.

Pesto Pesto
Pesto-lovers must order at least one of the many options on the menu at Le Crepe Cafe, including the Pesto Pesto crepe. The Pesto Pesto crepe includes this tasty sauce with turkey, cheese, and tomatoes. The mild flavor and fresh ingredients keep this sauce from becoming overwhelming while it enhances the taste of the other parts of the dish. Visitors laud the homemade pesto as some of the best they’ve had. Even those who didn’t think they liked pesto finished their plates. If you prefer other options with pesto sauce, you’ll find it in the chicken mushroom crepe, the vegetarian sandwich, the turkey pesto sandwich, the veggie omelet, and most pasta salads.

With a menu that includes decadent, healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to satisfy everyone’s dietary needs or tastes, you will certainly find a selection of great food to enjoy at Le Crepe Cafe.

Insider Tips:
-Le Crepe Cafe in Manoa Marketplace does not take reservations, but the restaurant has plenty of seating and free parking. You won’t need to call ahead for a table.
-Go to Le Crepe Cafe during happy hour to get a free coffee when you order a crepe.