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Snorkel Bob's Lahaina – Where to Get the Gear You Need for Oceanside Adventures
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Are you ready to explore all the mysteries of the ocean around Maui? If that’s the case, then be sure to stop by Snorkel Bob’s Lahaina for all the dive and snorkel gear you need. Then, stick around for key insights on how to make the most of all your island adventures.

- The Local Expert Team

As the premier provider of snorkel and dive gear in Maui, Snorkel Bob’s Lahaina never skimps on quality when sourcing their gear. Through the years, they’ve learned just what works – and what doesn’t – ensuring the satisfaction of millions of ocean explorers along the way. On top of that, they’ve created an exhaustive list of ocean adventure providers. So, you can always count on them for key insights on how to experience all the island has to offer.

To ensure you have a crystal-clear view of all the ocean wonders, they only carry the highest-quality masks, including SUMO, SEAMO, and MIDMO. They even have LI’L MO masks for the youngsters in your crew. Need prescription strength lenses? Get the SEAMO BETTAs. Whether regular or prescription strength, every last one of their lenses offers a huge viewing area that lets you see all the underwater marvels in your midst. Plus, their masks boast an amazing fit thanks to the surgical-grade crystal silicone used around the lenses.

As far as snorkels go, they only carry easy breathing designs that let you get plenty of air through the tube. You’ll feel like you’re getting plenty of fresh air in every breath, letting you put your full focus on the beautiful scenery around you. They make it easy to pair up just the right masks, snorkels, and other gear, too, by offering premade complete gear rental packages.

They have rental packages available for every price point, ranging from budget items to top-of-the-line gear. That way, no one has to miss out on seeing the beauty of coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, and so much more on their visit to the island. All their packages come with a snorkel, mask, fins, net gear bag, no fog goop, and a fish ID card. Wetsuit tops are extra, so ask about those before checking out.

With the exception of the Budget Crunch Special, all their gear is the highest quality available on the market today. Their MOFLEX fins allow you to kick through the water with ease, while their boogie boards give you a little extra support as you float along. Their Looky Boards let you see the ocean wonders through a little scope on the board. Want to just use a floatation vest or belt instead? They have those, too.

If you’re new to snorkeling, diving, and other ocean adventures, you’ll want to come into the shop to get started. During your visit, the team will help you find all the right gear to rent and then ensure the proper fitment. Otherwise, you can just reserve your gear on their website with a few clicks of a button. Not sure exactly what size to get? Use the fitting charts on their website to figure it out before reserving your gear.

You’re welcome to rent the gear by the day or for an entire week or more. You just have to make sure to return the items by the given time or you’ll get hit with an additional charge. If you’re hopping from island to island on your vacation, you can return your gear to any Snorkel Bob’s location. Just let them know where you originally rented the gear, so they can mark it returned.

Upon receiving gear back from their patrons, they thoroughly clean each piece to ready it for the next renter. They put the items in a chlorine bleach solution, and then wash them with soap and water. Their disinfection process keeps the items clean and ready to go without impacting the overall quality of their gear.

Insider Tips:
-Don’t want to take your gear on your island-hopping adventures? Ask about their Interisland Pick Up program. With that move, you just have to pay a small extra charge to get fresh gear at every stop.
-If you fall in love with their gear, you’re welcome to buy any of their items outright.