Maui Paintball

Maui Paintball: Embrace Your Competitive Spirit at Hawaii's Most Exciting Facility
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Maui Paintball keeps kids and kids at heart thrilled with two of Lahaina's most exciting land-based activities: paintball and laser tag. Show how fierce you can be as you take advantage of 4,500 square feet of playing space, fifty trees, and high-quality equipment. 

- The Local Expert Team

There’s no shortage of exciting activities to keep you occupied while you explore Maui, but not all adrenaline-oriented adventures involve surfing. When you crave thrills but want to keep your feet firmly on dry land, paintball is an amazing option. This will bring out your competitive spirit, encouraging you to get creative as you face off against friends, family members, and strangers alike. 

Visitors consistently remark on Maui Paintball’s welcoming atmosphere, where players of all levels and from many backgrounds discover a new form of camaraderie. While many people play with small or large groups of loved ones, it’s far from unheard of for solo players to arrive and quickly make new friends. 

The experience will look a bit different each game, depending on who plays and which tactics these people use. Some games last nearly half an hour, while others are over in just five minutes. All are thrilling in their own unique way. Between games, you’re welcome to rest in the vast waiting area, where you can bond with other players over your shared love of adventure. 

Private games are available, but with a minimum of fifteen players per group. If you choose to book a private group, you’ll need to provide at least one week of notice and pay an additional $100 fee for the entire group. Cancellation is not possible for private groups, although you may be able to reschedule for a flat fee. 

No matter how many paintball players join you for your adventure, the reservation process should be a cinch. Visit the official Maui Paintball website and click on the reservation tab on the upper far right side. There, you’ll observe a brief overview of the rates before clicking the “book now” button. Finally, you can select the date of your intended visit, how many guests, and how many paintballs. In most cases, this will average between 500 and 1,000, although some players use even more. 

As a Field Paint Only (FPO) location, Maui Paintball does not allow players to bring or use paintballs that have been purchased elsewhere. If outside paintballs are found onsite, you may be asked to leave the facility without being issued a refund. 

Laser tag is more exclusive, so you’ll need to make your reservation over the phone. This activity is limited to private groups but is definitely worth considering if you want to try something unique alongside friends or family members. 

Maui Paintball is only open on the weekend, so you’ll want to plan ahead if you’re determined to get in on the action. Planning also means finding the perfect wardrobe: something that provides enough coverage to limit the pain of getting hit — but also climate-friendly clothing. While it’s common to dress warmly when visiting paintball facilities outside of Hawaii, Maui’s climate calls for a different approach.

Thankfully, this location provides an excellent option to keep you as comfortable as possible: CamAlls. These disposable suits are available for a small fee and can be worn over your everyday clothes to keep them from getting stained in the grass or dirt. Closed-toe shoes are always required, as flip-flops can make it difficult or even dangerous to navigate the paintball course.  

No matter how you dress or who joins the action, you’ll be glad to have an alternative to the usual beach-based activities near Lahaina. Try something a bit different and make memories in the most thrilling way possible. You’ll never forget your Maui Paintball excursion.

Insider Tips:
-Maui Paintball occasionally hosts special tournaments and other events. Keep an eye on the events portion of the website or the official Facebook page to learn about upcoming opportunities. 
-Cameras are allowed, but rugged models are strongly recommended. Be sure to tag Maui Paintball when you post photos publically on Facebook.