Maui Golf & Sports Park

Maui Golf & Sports Park - Classic Family Fun in Wailuku
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4 / 5
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Get the whole family together for a day of miniature golf, bumper boats, rock climbing, and more at Maui Golf & Sports Park. The family-built owned and operated center has activities for all ages. Everyone in your family will find something they love at this timeless entertainment complex.

- The Local Expert Team

Hawaii’s beaches are the main attractions for many. But, don’t forget to enjoy many of the fun activities away from the beaches, including amusement centers like Maui Golf & Sports Park. Here, you can spend

a day with the entire family filled with old-fashioned fun. With 36 holes of miniature golf, bumper boats, a bungee trampoline, and rock climbing, this park will satisfy any kid or kid at heart.

Many guests stop by on their way from the airport to their condo or hotel. The park sits conveniently ten minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from resorts in Kihei. As a stopover point, Maui Golf & Sports Park gives you a terrific way to stretch out after a long flight and to give your kids a way to burn off extra energy before going to the hotel. Instead of a brief stop, you may prefer to make a day of visiting the Maui central valley by visiting Maui Golf and the aquarium next door.

Since its opening in 2002, the same family operates the park. With the park as their livelihood, the entire family puts extra effort into providing a clean, safe, enjoyable experience for every guest.

Stay fueled throughout the day with food and drinks from the concession stand. The pizza uses local ingredients and is the main food item for sale. Other concessions are sweet, cooling treats to combat the heat of the Hawaiian sun. Cold root beer floats, lemonade, Hawaiian shaved ice, and Dole Whip are some of the chilly treats to choose from when you want a break from miniature golf or rock climbing.

Attractions at this park started with the two miniature golf courses and a bumper boat lagoon. Over time, the park added its bungee trampoline and rock climbing to create a fun-filled park that will give kids of all ages enjoyable activities.

Maui Golf & Sports Park offers the following activities:

Miniature Golf
Most people come to this park for miniature golf. There are two full 18-hole courses, each with its own set of unique holes. Obstacles and décor around the course include loops, caves, a 30-foot volcano, lava tubes, and much more. These set pieces add challenge and fun to the miniature golf courses.

Allow at least 45 minutes per course to play, but you have unlimited time to play. You may need to spend more than 45 minutes per course if you have a large party or if the park is busy.

Bungee Trampoline
The bungee trampoline lets kids between 40 and 150 pounds jump higher and do flips on a trampoline while safely inside a harness. Kids can reach up to 30 feet in the air during their five-minute jumping experience. This is a highly popular activity for kids who aren’t afraid of heights.

Rock Climbing
The rock climbing area features a 25-foot tower with four sides of varying difficulties. Your ticket gives you two climbs on the tower, letting you try different sides to test your mettle. Harnesses keep climbers safe, and the auto-belay speed the descent from the top of the tower. Anyone four years old or older can participate in this activity.

Bumper Boats
Ten electric bumper boats, each equipped with a water gun, float around a lagoon that includes a waterfall. You will get wet during the 10-minute ride. Everyone four and older can drive their own bumper boat. However, boats allow for multiple riders, so parents can ride with their under-four kids.

When you crave a day of old-fashioned miniature golf and other outdoor activities, check out Maui Golf & Sports Park in Wailuku.

Insider Tips:
-Pick bumper boats as a final activity so you don’t have to spend the rest of the day in wet clothes.
-Save money with the Aloha pack for miniature golf or the Menehune pack for other activities. These punch card packs have no expiration dates and drastically discount the per-person cost. The Menehune pack allows you to share the tickets with others to maximize value.