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Underwater Advetures With Maui Dreams Dive Co.
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4 / 5
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Maui Dreams Dive Co. makes the best of the Hawaiian underwater world accessible with a variety of guided dives, which encourage novices and experienced scuba divers alike to experience the hidden beauty beneath the waves. Let experienced dive masters guide you on a safe and enjoyable expedition that will give you a whole new appreciation for Maui's marine life. 

- The Local Expert Team

From hiking to beach-bathing, Maui offers a myriad of opportunities for taking in the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Often, however, visitors never experience the island scenery from its arguably most beautiful perspective: beneath the water.  This is by far the best vantage point for observing Hawaiian marine life.

Maui Dreams Dive Co. brings the best of the underwater world within reach. The tour company’s guided dives are among the most enjoyable on the entire island of Maui. Based in Kihei, Maui Dreams Dive Co. can introduce you to the area’s most awe-inspiring caves and corals, all while highlighting the amazing marine diversity that makes the waters surrounding Maui so compelling.

All tours offered via Maui Dreams Dive Co. are led by highly trained and incredibly personable dive masters, who take their job seriously. They emphasize safety above all else but also want you to feel relaxed enough to enjoy yourself. A low ratio of divemasters to divers ensures that you’ll get all the attention you need throughout your adventure.

Numerous types of dives are available, so it behooves you to examine your options thoroughly before you book your adventure. No matter which dive that you schedule, you’ll be pleased to have such caring dive masters along for the journey. 

A few of our favorite dive experiences include the following:

Shore Dive
As the standard beginner option available from Maui Dreams Dive Co., this one or two-tank dive introduces you to the wonders of the underwater world. Turtles and singing whales are often spotted during these expeditions. 

Scooter Dive
Like the shore dive, this guided scooter dive can be enjoyed with one or two tanks. The use of a scooter allows you to cover more ground and reach your destination with a lot less effort. This will grant you more time to check out unique features such as lava tubes and underwater caves.

Night Dive
Discover a completely different world under the surface after dark. This is when a variety of intriguing creatures awaken to hunt for food throughout the reef. Many of the fish, eels, and sharks you observe during this memorable experience would be all but impossible to find during the day. The water remains surprisingly warm after the sun goes down, so you don’t need to worry about temperature. 

Molokini Boat Dive
While there’s a lot to love about the many shore dives offered by Maui Dreams Dive Co., boat dives take your experience to a whole new level. Some of these are limited to visitors with extensive scuba diving experience, but the Molokini option remains reasonably accessible. Yes, you’ll need to be a certified diver, but no, you don’t need years of experience to enjoy this trip. This is your chance to see the crescent-shaped Molokini Crater up close and personal.

Sunset Whale Watch
Not interested in scuba diving? Not a problem — Maui Dreams Dive Co. also offers a whale-watching expedition aboard the Maui Diamond. This is your chance to learn all about Maui’s majestic whales without battling the crowds. Roam about the boat at your leisure as you observe a breathtakingly beautiful sunset. 

Discover the joy of Kihei’s underwater world during a diving expedition with Maui Dreams Dive Co. You’ll love every moment of your scuba diving adventure. 

Insider Tips:
-Maui Dreams Dive Co. offers certification courses that grant you a better understanding of all that goes into scuba diving, plus the opportunity to train for some of the company’s more exciting expeditions. A variety of specialty courses are also available, so be sure to check out the company’s offerings if you’re an experienced diver on the hunt for something unique.
-Dives are easiest to book online, although you’re also welcome to call the dive shop and chat about your options. Keep in mind that some of the more popular dives may need to be booked several days or even a full week in advance.