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Experience Maui with a Private Hoaloha Jeep Adventurers Tour
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4 / 5
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Experience Maui like never before in a private, convertible Jeep tour with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures. Choose from several destinations, all customizable based on guest preference, for a day full of fun, education, and immense thrills, all while ensuring safety and guest comfort first and foremost. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

The private, convertible Jeep tours offered by Hoaloha Jeep Adventures promise to give tour participants a newfound admiration for the island and its history. Each private tour is completely customizable to individual preferences and is designed to be an immersive experience that allows participants to discover Maui and all its secret gems at their own pace. 

There are several notable and breathtaking locations to visit including the volcanoes in the West Maui Mountains, the Hana coastline, and the towering landscape of Haleakala. There is something for every traveler. The Hoaloha Jeep Adventures give island guests the opportunity to explore the beauty of Maui at their own pace, without being crowded in with a bunch of strangers or rushed through the day with a harried, strict schedule. Guests choose their own itinerary and see the sights they want to experience. Participants can take as long as they desire to truly experience each spot along the adventure. 

Guests who are wondering what makes Hoaloha Jeep Adventures different from other tour groups in the area, should understand that this company will take them anywhere they want to go, even venturing off the beaten path. The private tour option is also unique in that it allows families or groups to enjoy this experience together without having to share it with other parties made up of strangers. It’s also worth noting that Jeep drivers are extremely knowledgeable tour guides who will share information about each location, pertaining to its history and share other interesting facts. 

The first and foremost promise made by Hoaloha Jeep Adventures to all their guests is to substantiate a safe experience. Guest safety is always priority number one. Secondly, they aim to ensure guest comfort throughout the process, allowing all tour participants to fully enjoy the scenery and appreciate the historical significance of every stop along their tour. 

After this, the priority is guest enjoyment, which of course can only happen when guests feel safe, secure, and comfortable throughout their experience. Hoaloha Jeep Adventures also differs in that they support local businesses, meaning they will stop into local stores and restaurants, allowing guests to buy lunch, refreshments, and souvenirs. This company also respects private and sacred property and will avoid all private, sacred, or no trespassing locations. 

There are three main destinations when choosing a day’s itinerary with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures. These are the Hana Highway, the West Maui Mountains, and the Volcanoes of Maui. Hana is on the east coast of Maui and is a quaint town, considered by many as the last non-tourist town on the island. The road to Hana is where guests will experience one of Hawaii’s most adventurous and famous drives, full of narrow roads and tight turns that yield amazing scenic views. There are several tour options to choose from for the Hana Highway destination, including tours that range from 6 to 8 hours or those that last from 10 to 12 hours. 

The West Maui Mountains is another guest favorite destination. It is on the western coast near the West Maui Mountains. It is a drive full of adventure with tight turns, narrow roads, and breathtaking views. There is one primary tour for this location, and it lasts 6 to 8 hours. It is ideal for guests staying in Kaanapali or Lahaina Town or for those who have already experienced the road to Hana tour. 

The Volcanoes of Maui Tour also has just one tour option. It is an 8-10 hour tour that features visits to two prominent volcanoes, the Mauna Kahalawai and the Haleakala. This tour also includes scenic routes as well as stops in the charming towns of Makawao, Kula, and Paia in Haleakala’s Upcountry.  

Insider Tips:
-Most tours begin at 7 am to ensure that guests can experience popular destinations without too much crowd interference. The one exception is the Volcanoes of Maui tour, which starts at 10 am. 
-Guests can be picked up at their hotel, condo, or even from ports if desired to begin their day’s adventures. 
-Hoaloha Jeep Adventures provides bottled ice water and a cooler. Guests are encouraged to bring along food or drink with them. Bring cash to buy food and goods as many of the stops don’t have internet access.
-It’s important to remember that many of the tour areas get more than 400 inches of rain annually, so be prepared to get a bit wet. Umbrellas and ponchos are provided, but bringing a rain jacket is advisable.