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Evonuk Farms – Growing Fresh Fruit, Veggies, and Herbs in the Heart of Maui
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When only fresh grown produce will do, a trip to Evonuk Farms is in order. Located in the heart of Maui, their Kula farmland features over 40 acres of crops, including golden beets, passion fruit, and rainbow chard. With over 25 varieties growing at any given time, herbs lie at the center of their mission to supply the island with high-quality organic and conventional produce. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you’re in the mood for tropical fruit, tasty veggies, and all the best herbs, you can count on Evonuk Farms to have just what you need. At their gorgeous Kula farm, they grow over 40 acres of produce, although herbs have always remained their main focus. With a visit to their Maui farmlands, you have your choice of over 25 different types of herbs, including purple basil, fennel leaves, and lemongrass.

Although you can simply stop by and purchase all the ultra-fresh produce you could ever want, the real magic is touring the farmlands of Evonuk Farms and seeing their process up close. Across their land, they strategically place each crop, and then rotate them out to keep the soil fertile and healthy through the years.

In between each plant, Evonuk Farms puts down cover crops that naturally deter pests and diseases while keeping weeds to a minimum. At the end of each growing season, they turn the soil, cover crops and all, to add green manure to the land and further build nutrient-rich soil.

To keep water usage low without compromising on plant health, they use drip irrigation and mulching. Drip irrigation gives plants just as much water as they need right where they need it. Mulching, on the other hand, helps decrease evaporation to extend the time between watering sessions.

Energy conservation is a top priority as well, which is why their buildings have over 65 solar panels on their roofs. These panels provide the power needed to run the equipment in the packing facility, including all their walk-in refrigerators. Evonuk Farms even uses green power in their office, helping decrease their carbon footprint by leaps and bounds.

Although the organic practices at Evonuk Farms decrease their usage of conventional growing methods, they don’t shy away from what works. While healthy plants deter pests and disease more often than not, they’ll still spray with pesticides and use other conventional treatments as needed to keep up with the demand for their produce.

Once the plants reach peak ripeness, they are carefully harvested and brought into the packing facility. From there, it’s only about 12 to 24 hours before the fruits, veggies, and herbs land in their customers’ hands.

The best sellers at Evonuk Farms include:

With herbs as their main focus, you can count on the farm having most of their land dedicated to their 25 different varieties. They have three kinds of basil plus allspice leaf, bay leaf, parsley, sage, spearmint, tarragon, and so much more. If you’re cooking chicken anytime soon, treat yourself to their poultry seasoning for an abundance of flavor in every bite.

Although they only grow a select number of veggies each year, they’re all well worth a try. Through the fall, they grow three types of beets and two kinds of kale across most of their veggie patch. On top of that, they have collard greens and rainbow chard. Then, they change it up to reflect what grows best each season.

When you get your tropical fruits at Evonuk Farms, you’re sure to enjoy their bright flavors in every bite. On their land, they regularly have bananas, mangos, pomegranates, passion fruit, and avocado. They even grow sapote, which tastes a little bit like sweet potato, pumpkin, and cantaloupe.

If you cannot make it to Evonuk Farms for your produce, just check any of the major grocery stores, like Mana Foods, Times Supermarkets, and Haiku Market. Even the big chains, like Target and Kmart, often have their herbs, fruits, and veggies up for sale in an effort to support local producers. Can’t find what you’re looking for during your supermarket trip? Just call the farm to see when you can pick up your selections.

Insider Tip:
When buying their produce, expect to see Maui Herb Gardens displayed prominently on the label. Under that, you’ll find their farm name.