4th Marine Division Memorial Park

4th Marine Division Memorial Park - 40-Acres of History, Ball Fields, Picnic Facilities, and Playground
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The 4th Marine Division Memorial Park is a 40-acre park honoring the Marines of WWII. The free park has picnic facilities, ball fields, restrooms, and a fenced-in playground for children. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

During WWII, the 4th Marine Division, also known as the “Fighting Fourth,” was stationed here in what was known as Camp Maui. Over 20,000 young Marines trained and staged equipment for upcoming battles in the Pacific Theater. In 1946, the 40 acres that comprised Camp Maui were returned to the Hawaiian owners and became a family park. Although the barracks, equipment, and Marines are long gone, a few plaques commemorating the “Fighting Fourth” remind visitors of the Marines’ sacrifice during the war. 

Today, the 4th Marine Division Memorial Park is an excellent place for history lovers and families with young children. History buffs will enjoy strolling around the park, reading the plaques, and picturing what life was like at Camp Maui. Families will love the free activities and facilities at 4th Marine Division Memorial Park.

The sprawling land is relatively flat, and the mountains of Maui are visible in the distance. Visitors to the park report that it is clean and well-maintained. 

There are four covered pavilions with eight picnic tables and one water tap. All are available on a “first come” basis. Barbeque grills are also at each pavilion, giving families the option of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. 

Public restrooms are available, but there aren’t any shower facilities. The paved parking lot has spaces for 77 vehicles, and an emergency call box is also in this area.

Maybe you and some friends want to play a game of baseball or softball. The 4th Marine Division Memorial Park has a ball field with left and right field fence set at 300 feet. There’s also soccer and a multipurpose field. Like the picnic tables, these are open to the public on a first-come basis. 

The children’s playground is perhaps the main draw to the park, aside from the Marine memorials. Also called Kalakupua Playground, this wonderland of fun will entertain your little ones for hours. The massive structure has many walkways and towers to explore and plastic slides. One slide is a covered shoot with a slight turn that will have your children giggling during their descent. Two slides have several humps giving sliders an up and down ride to the mulched landing area.

A swing set is nearby with long and short swings for children of all ages and sizes. There’s also a tire swing anchored with three chains, making it a safe adventure for all. 

Parents, you’ll love that most of the material used to build the playground is non-wood. This means no splinters! Also, there are benches available, so you can rest while your children explore the fenced-in Kalakupua Playground.

Be advised that the community and not the county maintain the playground. On the first Saturday of the month, locals work on the structure and surrounding area from 2-6 PM.

We know you’ll love visiting the 4th Marine Division Memorial Park. While respecting the brave Marines from the 4th Division, you and your family can enjoy a picnic and play various games and activities.

Insider Tip:
The 4th Marine Division Memorial Park is nicknamed “Giggle Hill.” When Marines were at Camp Maui, they’d bring their girlfriends back to “neck.” At night, you could hear the giggles coming from ladies.