Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee in Maui

Whenever you need to kick your Maui adventures into high gear, a wickedly good cup of coffee is definitely in order. Not all cups of coffee are made equal, however, so it’s vital that you seek out the best of the best every time. Just how are you supposed to do that? With this helpful guide, of course! Here’s all you need to know about finding the best coffee in Maui as soon as your cravings strike.

Drift Coffee

Coffee reimagined is the name of the game at the all-new Lahaina favorite, Drift Coffee. They start every cup with rare beans roasted by the team at Social Hour, and then create classic espresso and imaginative v60 pour-over drinks. They make every drink with flair, too, adding special touches, like housemade vanilla and lavender whipped cream. Coffee is not all they have either. They also serve up tasty doughnuts, hummus toast, and so much more on the double.

Maui Coffee Roasters

wrap and coffee on table at Maui Coffee Roasters

Maui Coffee Roasters has long served as the place to go for freshly roasted coffee from all the top estates on the island. They’ve been roasting quality beans since 1982, after all, to sell online and use for handcrafted beverages galore. If you’d like to taste their coffee freshly brewed by their team, you just have to jet on over to their Kahului shop. All day long, their baristas stay busy making hot, iced, and blended coffee drinks plus smoothies, bulletproof drinks, and tea.

Wailuku Coffee Company

At their two Maui locations, the Wailuku Coffee Company strives to serve as so much more than a coffee shop. Each day, they warmly welcome all their patrons through the doors in hopes of making their shop a beloved community gathering place. Then, they go all out in making exquisite cups of joe, of course, including their ever-popular Carmilla Latte featuring Ghirardelli Caramel. Tea, smoothies, milkshakes, soda, and tons of fresh-made food join the party on the daily as well.

Bad Ass Coffee

Although Bad Ass Coffee got its start on the Big Island, it has become a true Maui staple through the years. Nowadays, they have two shops in Lahaina, each serving all their signature flavored lattes and other fan favorites. They’re best known for their Carmel Kreme de Kona, which comes with Kona coffee plus caramel, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Their frozen drinks, smoothies, and tea are just as good though, so you really cannot go wrong no matter what you get.

Belle Surf

If you want to keep it healthy without compromising on the caffeine, you can count on the team at Belle Surf to come through in a big way. Relying on her French background, café owner Marion Girardin keeps things simple yet wholesome with fresh, local ingredients and classic preparations. As far as the coffee goes, treat yourself to a cold brew with plant-based milk and your syrup flavor of choice. Then, nourish your body with a bagel topped with cream cheese and oodles of flavorful island veggies.  

Grandma’s Coffee House

Cake on plate

When you’re feeling homesick and in need of a quick pick-me-up, put Grandma’s Coffee House in Kula on your radar ASAP. Now four generations deep, the crew still does things just like Grandma taught them, starting with Maui Organic coffee beans every time. The chill, homey aesthetic remains as well, allowing you to kick back and relax as you savor each sip of your drink. Just be sure to bring a big appetite, too, because you won’t be able to resist the homecooked goodness served up all day long.  

Akamai Coffee Co.

For 100% Maui coffee made with care, you’ll want to take a trip to Akamai Coffee Co. at your leisure. You have three locations to choose from, too, located in Kahului, Wailea, and Kihei. Each one goes big on the flavor in making all their best coffee drinks, including their seasonal espressos. With names like The Oatmeal Cookie and Smores on the Beach, you just know your coffee is going to be out of this world delicious.  

VigiLatte Artisan Coffee

VigiLatte Artisan Coffee takes their coffeemaking seriously, especially when it comes to the hand-shaken iced lattes. With a visit to their Lahaina coffee stand, you get to see their artistry in action, and then savor the rich, robust flavors that come about from their efforts. If you’re not a seasoned coffee connoisseur, you’ll definitely appreciate their menu board depicting the exact ratio of ingredients in each cup of joe. In the end, it doesn’t matter much though because every single drink is just as good as the last.

Kraken Coffee

Kraken Coffee is where beachy vibes and robust cups of coffee meet and mingle all day long. To join the fun, you just have to track down their food trucks in Kahului and Kihei. Upon doing that, you’ll get to order from their awesome menu full of tasty creations, like the ever-so-lovely Mocha Wao. When you need to cool off quick, you’ll love to sip on their icy frappes – or go on a tropical fruit kick with a smoothie instead.   

Island Press Coffee

To enjoy freshly brewed beans sourced from the nearby Kaanapali Coffee Plantation, just stop by Island Press Coffee in Lahaina. Their quaint chalkboard menu has all the best drinks displayed, like their decadent Hawaiian Honey Latte. They’re happy to customize your drink to your unique tastes if you wish, allowing you to handcraft your coffee experience. Not sure what to get? Just ask for the Coffee of the Day and leave it all up to chance.

Now that you know where to get the best coffee in Maui, set out to try all the shops on the list. Before too long, you’ll have your very own go-to coffeeshops to rely on whenever you need an extra kick. You can then return again and again to try all their offerings, eventually landing on your favorite drinks around. Just be sure to bring your friends and family in from time to time, too, so you get an all-new perspective on all the top coffee shops in town.