5 Ziplines That’ll Send You Screaming Over Maui

There are a lot of great ways to see and experience Maui, but if you’re looking for a bit of a thrill then we have to recommend a ziplining experience. Ziplining allows you to see Maui from a perspective more akin to that of a bird flying over a tropical landscape. It’s unique and there is a special adrenaline rush that comes from flying from one platform to another.

Of course, not all zipline courses are built the same. Consider the following outstanding zipline and zipline tours available on Maui: 

1. NorthShore Zipline Co

NorthShore Zipline Co. is a great place to go if you love mixing your history with your travels. That’s because this zipline company has made a unique seven-line course across what was once a Marine Camp during WWII. They even have a small but well-outfitted museum that details the camp’s history and includes several restored vehicles. 

For the zipline course at NorthShore Zipline Co., the platforms are built into large eucalyptus trees and so you feel like you’re soaring like a bird from tree to tree. The high towers are designed to get zipliners as high as 70 feet off the ground and flying at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Many of these courses take place over meadows that allow you clear views of the Pacific Ocean and the island’s rainforests in the backdrop. 

This company also uniquely has a Scardy Cat Clause that if, after the course’s second zipline, you’re not having fun or aren’t satisfied, you can get a full refund. This makes them a nice choice if you’re not sure if members of your party are going to like the experience. 

2. Skyline Hawaii – Kaanapali Zipline Tours

Skyline Hawaii has a ton of fantastic tours, but their Kaanapali 8-line Zipline Tour is among their highest-rated. This tour features eight unique ziplines that take adventurers across Kaanapali’s remote coastal landscapes that offer incredible vistas of the sea and the West Maui Mountains. 

The Kaanapali 8-line Zipline Tour by Skyline Hawaii takes about three hours in full. The journey begins by meeting up with your guide and getting outfitted at the company’s retail location in Kaanapali. Then, it’s loaded up into a 4×4 adventure van and on up into the cliffs just above the town where the group has set up the extended zipline course. These ziplines zig and zag across valleys, making it so that you will soar as high as 150 feet above the ground, enabling plenty of incredible views and certainly adrenaline rushes. 

3. Jungle Zipline Maui

Jungle Zipline Maui is great because they have gone all-in on building up a gorgeous, immersive experience. Their home base is absolutely gorgeous with tropical landscaping, painted buildings, and unique exhibits that feature large dinosaur models so that you feel like you’re stepping onto something of a movie set or straight out of far-ancient history. Throughout this base and the valley where the ziplines are set up, you will find over 400 unique species of tropical trees, ferns, flowers, and other plant life. For atmosphere alone, we’d say this is a must-go.

But it isn’t just the atmosphere that Jungle Zipline Maui has to offer. Jungle Zipline Maui bills itself as an eco-adventure and likes to keep things small and personal. Their tours all cap at ten people for maximum enjoyment and minimal waits. They have a couple of different tours you can take, but their longest takes adventurers across eight ziplines, four tree platforms, two swinging bridges, and a gorgeous 85-foot-long suspension bridge that stretches from tree to tree. For the true adrenaline junkies, this tour even includes an optional free fall jump platform. 

4. Flyin Hawaiian Zipline

Photo Credit by @flyinhawaiianzipline on Instagram

If you are most interested in the length of the zipline, and want to be in the air for as long as possible, then book your tour at Flyin Hawaiian Zipline. Flyin Hawaiian Zipline is conveniently located near the heart of Maui and boasts the longest single zipline on the island at an incredible 3,600 feet. 

This Maui zipline tour is also great for beginners as they have a pretty nifty training course that nicely warms up newcomers to how best to move, brake, and enjoy a high-flying adventure. Then, it’s time for the true eight courses that begin at 250 feet long and steadily increase in length until you reach that final run. The sheer length of the eight and longest ziplines means that riders can achieve speeds as high as 55 miles per hour! Best of all, throughout this company’s course, you are traversing nine different valleys, and eleven different ridges, and enjoying incredible vistas in every direction. 

5. Kapalua Ziplines

Last but not least, we have Kapalua Ziplines which prides itself on being the only zipline company in Maui to offer all-dual zipline adventures. This means that all of their courses are strung up with two ziplines running directly side-by-side. The advantage of this is if you want to soar over Maui’s valleys with a partner, you easily can do so. You can even ride hand-in-hand if you’re agile enough — making this a great choice for a romantic or best friend ziplining experience.

There are a couple of other things Kapalua Ziplines has going for it. They have a pretty incredible suspension bridge that spans 360 feet and getting to their zipline course requires getting into an ATV and enjoying a Maui backcountry drive. They have two main courses to choose from, a four-line course and a six-line course, both offering plenty of sky-touching fun. 

Want More Thrilling Maui Adventures? 

Ziplining is a fantastic way of experiencing Maui, but it is by no means the only high-adrenaline way of exploring this and other Hawaiian islands. ATV tours, helicopter tours, and sea kayaking are just a few of the other ways you can spice up your travel itinerary. Learn more about the best Maui outfitters for these activities and more by visiting our other pages today.