Kalepolepo Beach Park

Kalepolepo Beach Park – A Stunningly Beautiful Kihei Beach with a Rich History
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4 / 5
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If you’re looking for a chill place to swim, enjoy the views, and grill up a delicious lunch, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Kalepolepo Beach Park. A small, yet stunningly beautiful Kihei beach, it’s particularly good for the little ones because the historic fishpond keeps big waves at bay. Basic facilities make it easy to chill for the entire day, although you won’t usually find big crowds here.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

With its soft sands, calm waters, and exquisite views, paradise awaits at Kalepolepo Beach Park. As a small park off the beaten path, this beach gets relatively few visitors throughout the year. Even during the tourist season, you can come here to escape the crowds without compromising on beachside fun.

Although most visitors come to enjoy the sand and surf, it’s also a fantastic place to learn about island history. The Koieie fishpond once served as a prime fishing spot for royalty, starting way back in 1400 AD. The lava rock walls still stand today, but they’re now used to protect the swimmers from big waves. Many fishermen still arrive with their tackleboxes in hand and cast their lines outside the rock walls instead.

With the rock wall protecting the beach, the sand is more of a dirt mix than the soft golden sands found all over the rest of the island. Despite that, it still serves as a great place to take long oceanside strolls and enjoy the views. Overall, the beach is pretty small and has minimal facilities onsite. There is a portable restroom onsite plus showers, barbecue grills, and trash cans.

Swing by to:

Grill Up a Delicious Lunch
Onsite barbecue grills invite you to grill up a delicious lunch to enjoy while soaking in the phenomenal views. You’ll want to bring all your favorite ingredients plus charcoal and other supplies needed to light up the grills. Remember to fully extinguish the coals when you’re done to prevent fires and ready the grill for the next group to come by.

Stroll Along the Sandy Shores
Strolls along the sandy shores let you savor the chill ambiance while enjoying views of the open ocean. Make your trip even more magical by arriving right in time for the sun to go on the move. In fact, want to spot sea turtles on the beach? Sunrise and sunset are the best times for turtle watching. Stay on the right side of the law and conservation efforts by giving the turtles plenty of space.

Swim to Your Heart’s Content
The historic fishpond creates prime swimming conditions, especially for your little ones. Without the waves coming in hard and fast, it’s easy to splash around to your heart’s content. For a look beneath the waves, bring your snorkel equipment and kick around near the rock wall.

Go Boogieboarding in the Waves
If you want to go boogie boarding, just go north past the edge of the fishpond. The rock wall minimizes the power of the waves somewhat, which makes great conditions for beginners. The further north you go, the stronger the waves get. So, keep that in mind while enjoying the sand and surf.

Take Photos of the Scenic Views
The scenic views never fail to impress, so point your camera their way to capture the beauty for the world to behold. Then, go wild sharing your photos on social media to delight your friends and family. You’ll love to look back on the photos in the coming years, too, inspiring you to come back through for another adventure in paradise.

Before you land at the beach, go to a nearby equipment rental spot, like Auntie Snorkel, to rent a big umbrella and beach chairs. You can also get boogie boards, paddleboards, and all the other gear you need. Don’t forget to bring reef-safe SPF 50+ sunscreen and liberally apply it every two hours. Sunglasses that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays are a good idea as well.  

Insider Tips:
-The small free parking lot at the north end of the beach only has nine spots. You can find more free parking to the south, however.
-Even though the parking lot sits right next to the beach, don’t leave any valuables in your car, including in the trunk. Either put them in your hotel safe or keep them on you during your oceanside adventures.
-While visiting this beach, save a little bit of time to stop by the nearby Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center.