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Vicky Reddish

Local Experience Manager
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About the Author

Vicky Reddish has been a part of the HawaiianIslands.com team since 2019.

Vicky’s love affair with Hawaii began when she spent five weeks on the island of Kauai. During her stay, she fell in love with the lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture of the Hawaiian people. Over time, Vicky developed a deep appreciation for their unique culture, landscapes, and traditions.

Her experiences on Kauai inspired her to learn more about the islands, and she loves to share everything from the best surfing spots to the tastiest local cuisine.

As the marketing director for HawaiianIslands.com, Vicky has become an essential team member, sharing her knowledge of Hawaii’s culture, history, and geography with visitors from all over the world.

Beyond her work with HawaiianIslands.com, Vicky is also an artist and photographer. She took many of the photos in Kauai on our website.

Vicky Reddish is a passionate advocate for the Hawaiian Islands. Her love for the region is infectious, and she loves sharing its beauty and allure with others.