Work It Out

Work It Out - Cute Active Wear Apparel Shop in Kappa
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Work It Out is a cute locally-owned and operated lifestyle apparel store. That means if you are looking for clothes and products that will get you on the trail, support you in the gym, and help you enjoy the local waters, then chances are high you will find good options here. 

- The Local Expert Team

If you are on the hunt for some quality local threads or apparel souvenirs, then consider a stop at Work It Out. Located on the island of Kauai in Kapaa, Work it Out is a hip clothing and accessories store that sells local and globally-recognized brands.

You will find Work It Out in a small western-style store building on Kuhio Highway across from the cemetery at Kappa First Hawaiian Church. The side of the street boasts a ton of similar small storefronts owned and operated by local Hawaiians. On one side of Work It Out is another small boutique shop that specializes in music-oriented sales, mostly that of ukuleles. On the other side of Work It Out, you will find a local jewelry shop called Jim Saylor Jewelers that is popular for its gemstones, rings, and quality repairs. You will also find a small food market, vintage clothing shop, fabric store, and two restaurants on this one block. Suffice to say, this is a pretty active commerce street and a great place overall to go when you are in the market for some local items and souvenirs.

As you walk into Work It Out for the first time, you will likely notice first how bright and open the business is. The walls of the business are lined with small souvenir items like beaded jewelry and grass hats while the inner rows contain much of Work It Out’s clothing items.

In terms of apparel, Work It Out, as the name suggests, focuses primarily on activewear and beachwear. This means a lot of crop tops, shorts, loose fabrics, and dresses that are comfortable for going to the beach in. On that same line, you will find plenty of active and beach-oriented non-apparel products. For example, this is a great place to pick up reusable water bottles as they are one of the few places on the island to carry the special Hawaii edition of the HydroFlask (as well as other editions by the brand). 

You will find both men’s and women’s clothing at Work It Out, and these apparel items come from a wide variety of brands. RVCA, Stance, and other well-renowned active lifestyle brands are all easily found amidst this boutique shop’s shelves. But these aren’t the only things here. You will also find a ton of smaller local brands and simpler products made by local artisans. 

Another point worth mentioning, the owner of this shop is very inviting. She has earned a reputation of treating every new customer as a new friend. So if you hate large department stores because of an impersonal touch, then you are sure to love the very personable and welcoming nature of Work it Out.

Insider Tips:
-You probably are going to encounter a touch higher prices. Don’t let that dissuade you! Work It Out may have some high prices but most are fair for the quality and you will find plenty of options for whatever type of active lifestyle clothing you are on the hunt for here. They even have a wide selection of bathing suits for those who forgot to pack or don’t like their current swimwear style. 
-If you like what you find in this store but are worried that you won’t have enough luggage space to include it on your flight home from Hawaii, don’t fret! This boutique apparel shop doesn’t just offer shipping for all of its items bought in the store or online, but they will even throw that shipping in for free if you purchase more than $75 worth of items.