Weliweli Disc Golf Course

WeliWeli Park – A Fantastic Spot for Disc Golf Fun in South Shore Kauai
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4 / 5
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When you want to have a blast without breaking the bank, WeliWeli Park is the place to go in South Shore Kauai for disc golf fun. You just need your discs of choice plus a willingness to learn how to sail each shot into the basket. Although the course design doesn’t bring big challenges, the wind certainly does, so be ready to adjust your technique on the fly.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Well-known as the only permanent disc golf course on the island, Weliweli Disc Golf Course offers an afternoon of fun and excitement all of your own making. At this South Shore Kauai greenspace, you get to move through nine holes, trying to get your discs in the baskets in the fewest number of throws. All the holes on this course are par three, although the fairways go all the way up to 394 feet.

The Weliweli Disc Golf Course starts low key with the fairway for hole one spanning just 187 feet. After that, the distances steadily increase until you reach the longest fairway on hole seven. By the ninth hole, you’re just throwing a 207-foot distance, finishing off the par 27 courses in style. By the end, the total throwing distance is 2,421 feet, although hardcore disc golf enthusiasts play a 27-hole tournament by going through the course three times.

The majority of the baskets sit on cement pads in open fields at Weliweli Disc Golf Course, making it so you have to navigate around relatively few obstacles. The main challenge on those holes is noting the wind direction and speed, and then changing your throwing style and force to compensate for it. The fifth and ninth holes feature enclosed tree tunnels, however, so you’ll need to rein in your approach to make it through the gap and to the baskets beyond.

As you play, you’re welcome to use the public bathrooms onsite as needed to freshen up. There’s also drinking water available when you need to refill your water bottles. If you’re lucky, you may run into the course creator, Santa Phil, who regularly spends time at the fairways. He’s happy to provide discs to newcomers who want to try out the game, although many simply head out to buy their own after throwing a few holes.  

The most challenging holes at Weliweli Disc Golf Course include:

Short and sweet at just 151 feet, hole five takes you through your first tree tunnel to remember. You’ll need to plan your route carefully to avoid getting your disc lost in the tree line. If you do have to traverse through the brush for your disc, watch out for cacti.

At 394 feet in total, hole seven definitely serves as the longest hole on the course. The extra distance demands that you push your putter to have a chance at making it into the basket. Barring that, you can grab a mid-range disc instead and send it flying toward the goal at a rapid place. If the wind picks up while you’re on this hole, expect the challenge to increase even more, especially if it’s blowing toward you.

Now that you’re used to the demands of the tree tunnel from your experience with hole five, you can tackle hole nine with confidence. This hole is just a bit longer at 207 feet, so it has even more trees to avoid. All you have to do is carefully calculate each throw to hit a par three and walk away with your points.

While playing in the Weliweli Disc Golf Course’s open field, the lack of shade will undoubtedly leave you ultra-sweaty. Stay cool with a sunhat, sunglasses, and a damp microfiber neck towel. Don’t forget your sunscreen either, of course. Even on cloudy but bright days, the sun is intense enough to leave you with a severe sunburn.

Insider Tips:
-Need to stock up on discs? Just head on over to Kauai Discs, Uncle D’s Kauai, or Nukumoi Surf Co. for your gear.
-If you’re not used to playing disc golf in windy conditions, select steady discs that can withstand the extra push.
-Want awesome overhead shots of your gameplay? Have a friend fly their camera drone as you shoot to capture video of your game.