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Trolly Stop Tours - Open-Air Trolly Tour Around Kauai
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4 / 5
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Trolly Stop Tours is the best way to breathe in the Hawaiian air as you stop along the greatest highlights of Kauai. Take your time to reflect on the sacred spaces of the island and do a little shopping, this tour will take up a good portion of your day as you adventure around!

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Trolly Stop Tours was Kauai’s first open-air trolly tour, and it remains one of the best ways to see the island in a short time. Pass by several highlights, and make it back to the cruise ship in time.

The trolly tour passes by several island highlights along its route, including the Opaekaa Falls, Alekoko Pond, and Pohaku Ho’ohanuau (Royal Birthstone). Also, learn about some of the island’s history when you pass by German Hill Chapel, and see the picturesque Lydgate Beach Park. The park is most famous for its sunrises, but this is a beautiful place to hang out no matter what time of day you visit.

The tour around Lihue and Waimea takes lasts 2.5 hours, which is enough time to appreciate everything but ensures you’re back to the cruise ship before departure. Spend the extra time shopping at the Harbor Mall since your time at the port will undoubtedly be more than 3 hours. 

A few of our favorite highlights at Trolly Stop Tours include:

Opaekaa Falls and Overlook
Opaekaa Falls is now a beautiful waterfall that’s well worth stopping to see, but it’s named for a time when the place was even more remarkable. Opaekaa translates “rolling shrimp,” a description from when the falls were full of freshwater shrimp that would tumble down.

Alekoko Fish Pond
Alekoko is a manmade fish pond, but it’s not from the modern day. The pond is thought to have been built 580 years ago by the Menehune, who erected the structure in a single night according to legend. The work required laying 900 yards of rock wall to bisect the Hule’ia stream.

Pohaku Ho’ohanau
The boulders at Pohaku Ho’ohanau mark where Hawaii’s Alii royalty were born. Anyone birthed here was assured rank and status throughout life, and many chiefs came from here. Kaumuali’i was born here around 1778 — he was the last chief to rule over the island when it was an independent people.

Lydgate Beach Park
A picturesque sand beach in Hawaii with crystal blue water. What’s not to love? The beach became famous for its beautiful sunrises, but you should bring a camera no matter what time of day you come here.

German Hill Chapel
A quaint yellow church on the hills of Kauai, German Hill Chapel was the first Lutheran church on the island. The inside is fun to see even if you aren’t into religious landmarks — the floor slopes down from the center in order to mimic a ship deck.

Kauai is an island that can be experienced for a lifetime or explored in a few hours. If you’re on a cruise ship and need a shorter duration, Trolly Stop Tours will show you the biggest highlights. They’ll make sure you have fun along the way, and you’ll definitely be back to the dock on time.

Insider Tip:
Headed back to your cruise ship after making multiple purchases at Harbor Mall? Hitch a ride on Trolly Stop Tours’ free shuttle between the mall and pier. You’re able to climb aboard the shuttle even if you don’t take a tour.