Koloa Rum™ Company Store & Tasting Room

Koloa Rum Company Store & Tasting Room — Where to Sample and Buy Rum Delights of All Kinds
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Want to sample some of the greatest rum delights found on the East Side of Kauai? If so, get on over to the Koloa Rum Company Store & Tasting Room on the Kilohana Plantation. While there, you’ll enjoy fine alcoholic beverages, friendly service, and belly laughs from beginning to end.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

With a trip to the Koloa Rum Company Store & Tasting Room, you can count on having the time of your life while sampling locally-made rum galore. Located in the center of the Kilohana Plantation, this not-so-hidden gem of East Side Kauai brings in people from far and wide all throughout the year.

Although you can just zip into the store at your convenience, the real magic is in taking the time to visit the tasting room. Every hour on the hour, they welcome visitors through the doors to sample their rum for free and learn how to best enjoy it. Alongside up to nine other people, you can get a quick sip of almost every rum variety they carry, including coconut, coffee, and cacao rum.

The friendly service and chill ambiance truly take the experience to great heights. You’ll get a boatload of info about how the rum is made, ways to elevate its flavors, and so much more. Most guides also go above and beyond by throwing tons of jokes your way, so you can laugh it up and have a great time.

After your tasting experience, you can go over to their shop to pick up your favorite varieties of rum plus tons of swag. They have t-shirts, hats, cups, and many other branded items for your enjoyment. As you browse their offerings, be sure to watch for their popular Mai Tai mix, which allows you to whip up a delicious drink like the pros.

Their most impressive rum varieties include:

Gold Rum
For caramel, vanilla, toasted almond, and macadamia nut undertones treat yourself to the 80 proof Kauai Gold Hawaiian Rum. The shimmering gold tones look as good as this rum tastes, letting you show off your pouring skills with flair.

Cacao Rum
A newcomer to the lineup, Kauai Cacao is an 80 proof chocolate flavored rum with more than its fair share of floral, nutty notes. With its rich fudge tones and light cacao taste, this rum works well in all dessert-centric cocktails.

Coffee Rum
Born through a collaboration between the Koloa Rum Company and Kauai Coffee Company, the 68 proof coffee rum promises to delight all your senses sip after sip. Both in looks and flavor, the dark espresso tones shine through, while hints of vanilla hazelnut, and tropical fruits linger on the tongue long after you’ve finished your drink.

Hawaiian Rum Punch
The Original Koloa Hawaiian Rum Punch is a ready-made drink begging you to join your adventures. This cocktail in a bottle starts with Koloa Kauai White Rum before all the tropical fruit joins the party. As you enjoy each sip, you’ll surely taste the guava, passion fruit, and orange flavors as they dance with the rum.

Before you head out the doors, direct your attention to their Rum Cake, Rum Fudge, and Coffee Brittle for sweet treats unlike any other. You’ll want to buy at least one of each, so you can fully explore how rum takes dessert to the next level.

Insider Tips:
-Although they have a tasting room waitlist you can join at arrival, it’s often best to book your spot well ahead of time. Only 10 guests are allowed in the tasting room at a time, so sign up early to avoid missing out. Also, the hours may be 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM but the last tasting is around 4:00 PM.
-If you get a wicked craving for all things Koloa Rum upon coming home, just zip over to their website to order rum cake, mints, and so much more. You can even buy bottles of their rum online through Drizly or search for an authorized distributor near you.
-They accept returns within 30 days as long as the item is still in new, unused condition. You can only return items after wearing, washing, or using it if you discover a manufacturer defect. Perishable items are non-returnable at any time.
-Want updates on their promotions, recipes, and other key details? Sign up for their newsletter by filling in the form on their website.