Kauai Sea Rider Adventures

Kauai Sea Rider Adventures – Explore Ocean Wonders Along the Na Pali Coast and Beyond
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Want to learn all there’s to know about the marine life along the Na Pali Coast and South Shore Kauai? Just join the Kauai Sea Rider Adventures tours led by Marine Biologist Tara Leota. Whether you stay on the boat or get into the water to snorkel around, tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and more will grace your presence.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you want the inside scoop about all the marine life in South Shore Kauai and along the Na Pali Coast, then book your spot with Kauai Sea Adventures. Led by Marine Biologist Tara Leota, the tours always come fully loaded with mind-blowing facts and incredible sights of tropical fish, spinner dolphins, sea turtles, and even whales. The snorkel tours even give you a chance to get right in the water with the marine life, letting you see all the magic up close.

Although walk-ins are welcome, it’s tough to get on your preferred tour at the ideal time without making reservations ahead of time. Thankfully, you can sign up for your trip right on the website well before landing on the island. You’ll just need to select your tour type, date, and the total number of people in your group.

Depending on your selected trip, the tours at Kauai Sea Adventures allow between 6 and 14 people to join, so ask your travel mates if they’d like to come along. The waters tend to be quite bumpy, but seniors and children above age five are welcome to join the fun. Everyone just needs to be able to climb back up the ladder after snorkeling or choose a tour where they’ll keep both feet firmly on the boat.

Once you arrive on your selected date and time at Kauai Sea Adventures, Captain Tara will come out to greet everyone and provide a quick rundown on what to expect. Unless you sign up for the South Shore adventure, you’ll hop aboard one of two Zodiac watercrafts designed to allow safe passage through the ocean waters. For their 14-passenger tours, they use their 25-foot rigid hull inflatable Zodiac, while six-passenger groups hop aboard the 20-foot model.

The crew provides all the gear you need to have a great time, including floatation devices, snorkeling masks, and rain jackets. If you’re nearsighted, ask about their prescription masks to ensure you can see clearly while snorkeling around.

All along the trip, the captain will point out marine life in your midst and share amazing facts about the local waterways, landscapes, and creatures. You’ll stop halfway through for lunch, and then head back out to see even more breathtaking views.

The most popular tours at Kauai Sea Adventures include:

Na Pali Coast Eco Tour
The Na Pali Coast Eco Tour takes you on a five-hour adventure from Kekaha all the way up the coastline. You’ll get to explore sea caves, snorkel with the fish, and even see a few waterfalls. Keep your camera at the ready, so you can capture your close encounters with dolphins, whales, and other awe-inspiring creatures.

Guided South Shore Snorkeling Tour
Unlike the other tours, the Guided South Shore Snorkeling Tour starts at the shoreline, and then takes you through the ocean waters along the coast. Perfect for those prone to seasickness, this fun trip allows you to spend 2.5 hours checking out sea creatures of all kinds, including monk seals and green sea turtles.

Whale and Dolphin Watching
On the Whale and Dolphin Watching tour of Kauai Sea Adventures, you’ll hit up all the most popular spots to see marine life flitting through the water. Although you won’t get into the water to snorkel, the boat will still get you plenty close to the action.  

After you book your reservations with Kauai Sea Adventures, there’s a chance they could cancel the tour. Cancellations typically happen due to adverse weather conditions or when not enough people sign up for your tour of choice. They only run charters when at least six guests sign up for the trip. When they need to cancel, they’ll contact you at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. If their tour options won’t work for you, just ask for a refund instead.

Insider Tips:
-Put on 50+ SPF sunscreen on before you go and reapply every two hours. Also bring sunglasses, sun hats, rain jackets, and towels for everyone in your group.
-If you’re prone to motion sickness, consider using an over-the-counter remedy before your tour.
-Plan to book your Kauai Sea Adventures tour early in your trip to learn tons of info that’ll be useful on your island adventures.
-Want to celebrate your special occasion on a private charter? Just call to ask about booking your spot.