Ching Young Village Shopping Center

Ching Young Village - Shops, Dining & More
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

If you are in the mood to go shopping for clothes, want to rent beach equipment, or are in need of some good-eats, then China Young Village is the place to go. Whether in search of a good pizza or an ocean excursion, this center has a smattering of everything.

- The Local Expert Team

Ching Young Village entices visitors with a variety of stores, restaurants, and other businesses. From a good pizza to an ocean excursion, you’ll find a smattering of things here.

Clothing stores dominate the shops at Ching Young Village, with no less than a half-dozen retailers selling baby, children’s, women’s, and men’s clothes. Almost everything is suitable for the islands, and the retailers have you covered whether you need sandals for the beach or want a souvenir t-shirt when leaving town.

Complementing the clothing retailers are other, more specialized stores. Hanalei Strings has island ukuleles, Infinite Arts has fine art, and Divine Planet has all things Kauai. Even if you’re mainly coming to eat and not to shop, these unique stores are still worth a brief visit.

With regard to food, there’s no shortage of options no matter what your tastes are. A supermarket has the supplies you need for a vacation, and there’s plenty of Hawaiian-themed fare. Hanalei Poke, JoJo’s Shave Ice, L & L Hawaiian BBQ, and Tiki Tzatziki are merely a few of the island-focused eateries. Other options include pizza, pub fare, cafe sandwiches, and smoothies. 

In addition to these stores and restaurants, spas offer salon services, a yoga studio has drop-in classes, and a hairdresser is on site. You can even book an ocean excursion through Na Pali Catamaran or a paddleboard at Pedal ‘N Paddle.

A few of our favorite highlights at Ching Young Village include:

Pedal N Paddle
Rent all of your beach gear at Pedal N Paddle, which has some of the more affordable prices in the area. The rental shop is just a short walk from the beach, so you don’t have to carry stuff far or spend much of your rental time getting to/from the water. The shop has paddleboards, kayaks, boogie boards, and beach chairs — as well as many other beach and rental necessities.

JoJo’s Shave Ice
Shave ice (not “shaved”) is a classic island treat, and JoJo’s is one of the most popular places to get some. There are literally thousands of possible flavor combinations. Create your own, or trust the staff to recommend a tasty combination.

Chocolat Hanalei
Chocolate is a favorite no matter where you travel, and Chocolat Hanalei has especially good pieces. Pick up a bar or a truffle for now, and get a box of something to share with everyone later. Just be sure to each the chocolates before they melt in your car.

Kokonut Kids
Of all the clothing stores, Kokonut Kids has some of the most original children’s apparel. T-shirts, pants, swimsuits, and many more choices will have your kids looking good both while you’re on the island and after you head back home.

Alo Laa Danse Yoga Studio
Relax and appreciate the island life by doing a little yoga. Drop in on a class at Alo Laa Danse Yoga Studio, and you’ll walk away refreshed. You might even burn off a few of those pounds from the shave ice and chocolate that you got earlier.

All of this is in a space that has ample parking and is easy to walk. For a full range of stores, restaurants, and services without the big mall size, come to Ching Young Village.

Insider Tip:
Hanalei comes to life in the evening. Visit the shopping center in late afternoon, and stick around to see what the evening will behold. You’ll want to wander across the street sometime around when the sun sets — that’s where the village’s nighttime festivities primarily take place.