Cariloha Kauai

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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Located within the bustling Poipu Shopping Village, the Cariloha Kauai store offers a unique and exceptional shopping experience. Walk within and you'll enjoy a cool environment full of rich natural greens and browns, sort of like walking amidst the rainforests of Hawaii. It's a great retail experience that accentuates the unique aspect of the Cariloha brand, that everything they make and sell is made out of bamboo. 

- The Local Expert Team

Cariloha is an island apparel and home goods store that got its first start in the Caribbean islands. Now, you can find their retail stores in dozens of places across the world. Even the lovely Hawaiian island of Kauai. The Cariloha store here is an excellent example of why so many enjoy this brand and shop within their retail locations.

You will find Kauai’s Cariloha store on the south side of the island, within the village of Poipu. The store is, in fact, located within one of the village’s most popular shopping centers. The Poipu Shopping Village. At the intersection of Poipu Road and Kiahuna Plantation Drive. This bustling outdoor mall has a lot of fascinating shops that will keep your attention, but still, Cariloha stands apart. You can’t miss the Cariloha store thanks to its bright green frontage paired with a soft green awning. It really captures the eye. Plus, the store’s facade decorators added plenty of that one thing that makes their brand so special: Bamboo. While other brands specialize in colors or textures, Cariloha has made it their mission to produce high-quality products out of bamboo. An incredibly sustainable and effective raw good.

Cariloha offers an exceptional in-store experience that really accentuates its commitment to quality bamboo goods and stellar service. You’ll feel a cool breeze when you step through the doors. Combined with a fresh scent and a symphony of greens and soft bamboo browns around you. Customer service staff are friendly and happy to answer questions.

Again, bamboo is big here. In fact, Cariloha currently prides itself on being the only retailer in the world to provide its customers and guests with an entire shopping experience that features only bamboo-made merchandise. Hats and shirts made of bamboo. Shorts and shirts made of bamboo. Bed sheets and bath towels are all made of bamboo. 

Bamboo makes for exceptionally soft clothes
While the staff at Cariloha will certainly enumerate the many benefits of bamboo fabric, there are some pretty big standard benefits we can outline. Bamboo has proven to be more breathable than cotton yet still offers a very soft texture, especially against bare skin. Bamboo apparel is great for warmer clients thanks to its fabrics naturally wicking moisture away from the body. This helps to keep the wearer a touch cooler and more comfortable.

Cariloha has a massive selection of goods
This is a good store to go to. Whether you know exactly what type of bamboo goods you want, or if you just want to browse for something new. While bamboo products are going to run more expensive than cotton products, all other things being equal, you can invest in something small here, like a pair of socks or a simple tee shirt, to see if you like the product difference. Once you’re a total convert, go in big with bamboo-made sheets.

Insider Tips:
– Cariloha offers a unique business-to-business partnership for those rental homeowners or vacation businesses that really find themselves in love with bamboo bedding products. This partnership includes a heavy 40% discount on products bought to outfit a rental property and another 10% commission for any products bought by guests. It’s a pretty cool deal if you have your own vacation rental place. Or, if you are staying at a vacation home that has partnered with Cariloha, ask about the brand before you head out to shop as part of this partnership gives the guests themselves their own 20% discount code. 
– Visiting from the mainland? If you find yourself in love with the Cariloha bamboo sheets, pillows, or other large goods, you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind. This Kauai shop offers free shipping to the mainland for all goods purchased in their store. So if you don’t have room in your luggage for those new bamboo polo shirts, no problem.