Big Save Market – Waimea

Big Save Market in Waimea - A Town Staple That Sells All of the Staples
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Big Save Market in Waimea has a lot to offer the local community and its guests. Here, you can find all of your cooking necessities and more, including fishing supplies, liquor and beer, and hot plate lunches. Opening early and closing late, it's hard to stay in the Waimea area and not find yourself needing to visit the multifaceted Big Save Market at least once. 

- The Local Expert Team

Hawaii, just like every state and region, has its share of local brands and beloved stores. Big Save Market is certainly one of its big ones when it comes to grocery stores. You’ll find Big Save Markets operating under local owners in many villages and cities throughout Hawaii, including the beautiful historic seaport town of Waimea. The Big Save Market in Waimea has everything you need and more.

Waimea certainly is not a major village, the resident population is just around 2,000. However, it is growing and certainly serves as a beloved destination for many Hawaiian travelers. Its downtown is small but at the very heart of it, you will find the Big Save Market. The only significant grocery store in the area. You’ll find them at the corner of Menehuna Road and Waimea Road (which runs parallel to the main Kaumualii Highway that wraps around South Kauai). You can’t miss this grocery store with its bright green exterior paint, massive tin awning with solar panels, and bold letters across the front facade. 

Big Save Market in Waimea has some pretty convenient operating hours. They open the doors early at 5 am, and won’t close them again until 11 pm. These are generous hours that many visitors won’t even find in their own mainland communities. Those hours make this store a reliable shopping spot for those who are getting up early for a guided tour or fishing excursion or staying late at an island luau or other such excursion. In fact, if you want to go fishing on your own, Big Save Market in Waimea, despite being a grocery store foremost, has all the basic fishing essentials you need to get you going. 

In fact, Big Save Market in Waimea offers several outstanding services and products that go beyond the typical purview of a grocery store. Here, you can also buy bus passes (both for the day and the week). You can also rent DVDs to enjoy during an impromptu stormy night, and grab cards and fresh flowers to surprise your special someone with. They also have a good selection of liquor, wine, and beer available. If you’re camping at Waimea Canyon, gas cylinders and other camping necessities are also available.

All that said, Big Save Market is first and foremost a grocery store and a very good grocery store at that. A couple of notable things you can expect grocery-wise from Big Save Market in Waimea include:

A wide variety of dry goods
Waimea may be a small town, but Big Save Market is not a one-traffic light grocery shop. This location boasts a massive selection of dry goods that include all of your staples as well as local favorites. Such as SPAM and Asian-based noodles, spices, and more. 

An in-house deli offering hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner items
Sometimes, you want to buy groceries to immediately make a meal. Other times, grabbing lunch while you store those groceries for later meal prep is preferable. Big Save Market makes shopping enjoyable with its own in-house deli. They offer delicious plate lunches as well as breakfast and dinner options. Many days, one of their chefs will be outside the store barbecuing ribs, chicken, and other meats that are included in those plate deals. 

Fresh Hawaiian produce
One of the big benefits of living and staying in Hawaii is being able to enjoy so much fresh produce. Big Save Market in Waimea makes it easy to enjoy the very best tastes of Hawaii. Its wide supply of all the islands’ in-season produce, all available at a good price. 

Insider Tip:
Big Save Market in Waimea tends to get its products in bulk daily. So time your visit just right if you want the very best selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables. We recommend going mid-morning (8 to 10 am) if you’re on the hunt for that rich selection of the freshest.