Top 3 Beaches in Kauai

Kauai, the famous “Garden Isle” of the islands. Although this island is known for its stunning and lush vegetation and greenery, the beaches are something to be in awe of. Kauai has beaches ideal for snorkeling, beaches that are secluded, beaches that you have to hike to get to, and beaches fit for sunbathing. With this array of choices, finding the top beaches of Kauai might seem overwhelming. No worries, however, because we have curated a list with the top 3 beaches of this incredible island.

Here are the top 3 beaches on the island of Kauai:

Poipu Beach

On Kauai’s south shore, Poipu Beach Park is ranked highly on the best beaches nationwide. Let golden sand greet your feet at this beach where you can sunbathe, snorkel, swim, surf, and more! Lifeguards are stationed here since it is a popular beach, and water stays consistent in its calming waves. Poipu Beach is a wonderful family beach as well, leaving kids to run along in the shallow waters with their parents.

Hanalei Bay

You’ll often hear people talk about the beauty of Hanalei Bay, and they aren’t wrong. Resting on the north shore of Kauai, this bay is the second most popular of all the beaches across the islands (behind Waikiki.) This beach is over two miles long and offers plenty. Stroll along the Hanalei Pier, sit by the pine trees, and enjoy the water activities nearby. Lifeguards are stationed at this beach, so don’t be afraid to hop in the water and enjoy the day.

Tunnels Beach

People enjoying snorkeling and sunbathing at Tunnels Beach

The top-notch snorkeling and scuba beach, Tunnels Beach is located on the north shore of Kauai. Try to catch a glimpse of a turtle or two and admire the tropical fish underneath the waters. Tunnels Beach actually gets its name from the lava tubes that are along this shore – forming many underwater caverns. Swim along this lifeguarded beach and breathe in the Kauai ocean water, this is a must-stop while on the island.

Kauai is known for many things; the scenic hikes, astounding gardens, and amazing beaches. When it comes to its beaches, you can never go wrong with these top 3. So, gather up your beach bag and put on your swimsuits! You’re bound to fall in love with these top beaches of Kauai.