Kauai’s Best Kayak Tours and Rentals

Getting out on the water feels like pure magic, especially if you get to paddle through paradise. To experience that feeling for yourself, you just have to book a kayak tour or rental while on Kauai. With that move, you’ll have a chance to explore all the waterways to the fullest while soaking in the breathtaking views all around. If you’re ready to sign up for that adventure STAT, just reach out to any of the following Kauai kayak tour and rental companies to book your spot.

Kayak Adventures Kauai

For just $195 to $115 per person, Kayak Adventures Kauai will take you on a trip to remember along the Wailua River. Your guide will lead the way while telling you all about the flora and fauna and sharing stories about the first Hawaiians who lived in the valley.

You will paddle your kayak past many interesting sights, too, including Kamokila Village, before taking a hike through the rainforest. At the end of the hike, you will get to swim and play in the natural pool surrounding the 125-foot Uluwehi Waterfall.

If you use the complementary coolers to bring lunch, you can nosh on your tasty snacks by the waterfall before heading back. After that, you’ll paddle back up the river to learn more about the island while enjoying the views.

Duke’s Kayak Adventures

Duke’s Kayak Adventures focuses on Wailua River explorations as well, taking you on a 12-mile round-trip excursion for just $105 each. All their tours go out in double kayaks, so you can enjoy the trip without breaking a sweat.

Your adventure will start with leisurely kayaking up the river to the boardwalk beyond. Then, you’ll hike along the boardwalk to Secret Falls where you can swim, play, and snack it up. Once you’ve had your fill of fun in the sun, the return trip will treat you to even more wondrous sights.

Since you won’t have to paddle your heart out on this trip, take the opportunity to snap lots of photos. The tropical aesthetic serves as the perfect background for all your solo and group selfies, allowing you to beautifully capture your memories forevermore.

Wailua Kayak Adventures

Wailua Kayak in Kauai

For over 25 years, Wailua Kayak Adventures has provided unforgettable trips up the river and back again. They offer both morning and afternoon tours for about $100 per person. On either trip, you’ll spend about 50 minutes paddling your kayak along the Wailua River.

You will soon arrive at the Secret Falls trail, where you can hike through the rainforest while hearing fun facts from your guide. All tours use double kayaks for your pure comfort, although single kayaks are available for groups with an odd number of people.

If you’d like to skip the guided tours and head out on your own, just ask about their kayak rentals. They offer all the gear you need to hit the water in style and will even help you load it all on your vehicle.

Hawaii Adventure Center

Hawaii Adventure Center serves as a one-stop shop for all your Kauai exploration needs. Although they don’t take you out on the adventures themselves, they’re well regarded as a top tour company because they make it so easy to plan back-to-back tours.

Through their hand-selected vendors, they offer land, water, and air tours of all kinds plus vehicle rentals. But it’s their well-curated kayak tours that take the cake. You have your choice of six kayak tours, each costing you just $95 to $130 per person.

Every last one promises to show you all the beauty of Kauai as you explore the Wailua River, Huleia River, and beyond. Your guide will keep you well informed all throughout your trip, so you walk away with tons of fun facts to share far and wide.

Napali Kayak Tours

When you want to see the Napali Coast in all its glory, Napali Kayak Tours is the way to go, for sure. You’ll need to be up for a challenge though because their tours take you on a 10- to 17-mile trek along the sandy shores.

Due to their extended length, each tour costs $245 to $305 per person. But it’s well worth the extra expense to paddle along the endless emerald cliffs and sparkling blue waters filled with marine life galore. About halfway through the tour, you’ll also get a chance to pull your kayak up on shore and explore the white sandy beaches for about an hour.

Want to keep the adventure going all weekend long? Go beyond the day trip with their Napali Coast Camping tour. Or you can create your perfect adventure by signing up for a private tour to your destination of choice.

Kayak Hanalei

Whether you want to enjoy guided tours through all the best locales or just go on a solo adventure of your choosing, you can trust Kayak Hanalei to help you out. If you want to go on a guided tour, you’ll need to choose between their morning and afternoon trips, which range from $125 to $140 per person.

Their guided tours launch from their private dock on the Hanalei River, allowing you to get used to the kayak before heading out to the bay. Once you’re on Hanalei Bay, you’ll paddle around to see all the best sights before getting into the water for snorkeling fun.

If you prefer to go out on your own, you can rent either single or double kayaks for a low daily rate. Their rentals come with life jackets and paddles, but you’ll want to bring your own coolers and dry bags.

Hike Kauai

Despite their name, Hike Kauai offers much more than hiking adventures, although that’s their bread and butter. Their custom-designed kayak tours are equally awesome though, letting you explore the ocean and river at your leisure.

Each tour costs just under $400 per person for up to six hours of exploring Kauai waterways. While it’s more expensive than the other tour options, it’s a private, custom excursion made to your exact specifications. You can tour the nearby hidden gem beaches or go on a waterfall tour all your own making.

If you’d like to keep the explorations going longer than a day, let them know that you’re interested in their multi-day ocean adventures. On that trip, they’ll help you get set up to explore for a weekend or longer, so you can see all the island has to offer.

Every Kauai kayak tour and rental company offers a wholly different experience. So, don’t hesitate to try them all over the years if you come to the island often. Otherwise, just pick the ones that speak to you most and then head out to enjoy truly memorable adventures on the water.