Kauai Garden Roundup: 5 Gardens Every Plant Lover Must Visit

Kauai, the beautiful “Garden Isle” is full of tropical moments and lush green mountaintops. Kauai deserves its badge of garden honor, and you’ll quickly see why. While Kauai offers crystal clear waters and an array of beaches and hikes, there’s nothing quite like going to a garden in the famous “Garden Isle.” Head to one of these 5 gardens and fill your itinerary up with stunning plants and more!

Here are 5 gardens every plant lover must visit in Kauai:

Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens

A well-known tourist attraction, Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens & Sculpture Park is located on Kauai’s north shore. This garden includes several themed garden areas such as; Desert Garden, Palm Garden, Kaula Lagoo, and more! More than 200 pieces on display, there are also different guided tours that will guide you through the garden. Ride in an open-air cart, linger in the Formal Gardens, and walk the Wild Forest path.

Allerton Garden

True magic lays within this garden. Allerton Garden is located on the south shore of Kauai and guides you through rainforest, fruit trees, flowers, and more! Fun fact, the fig trees located in this garden were featured in the “Jurassic Park” film. Several tours are offered here such as; a Twilight Tour, Garden at Sunset, and Allerton by Fire. Witness the culture and true beauty of the “Garden Isle” by choosing any one of these tours and find yourself still daydreaming about Allerton Garden long after you’ve gone.

McBryde Garden

man swinging on banyan tree at

A true botanical wonderland, McBryde Garden has a huge collection of tropical plants and flowers. You’ll pass edible plants and wildlife throughout this garden, don’t be afraid to say hello to the animals as you pass them by or ask your tour guide for a sample of the edible plants. Explore Allerton and McBryde Garden with the Best of Both World Tour, or head to the Aloha Market and buy local art and jewelry! This garden truly has it all.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

Native vegetation, natural streams, and much more await at Limahuli Garden & Preserve. Explore the garden and view the panoramic view of the ocean while you stroll along the trails here. Visit at any time and go on the self-guided tours as you reflect on the history of the garden and peruse their gift shop.

Princeville Botanical Garden

Photo Credit by @anniehartphotography on Instagram

9 acres of pure tropical paradise. The Princeville Botanical Garden displays a wide range of fruit bushes, trees, and tropical flora. Learn about Hawaii’s natural flora as well as their collection of rare and endangered flowers from the past couple of decades. Chocolate lovers — heads up! There’s also a chocolate tour in this garden. Carve out a few hours of your day and sample fruit and honey along the way.

When you’re in Kauai, every inch of the island will feel like an absolute haven of plants and gardens. If you want the best of the natural tropics, you absolutely must go on one of these tours. After you’re done, find yourself on another chocolate tour, down by the beach, or hitting the putt a time or two.