7 of the Best Helicopter Tours in Kauai

The Hawaiian island of Kauai rightfully earned the nickname “the Garden Isle” due to its fairytale beauty. This island is very sparsely populated, having been left largely to its own with its own dramatic mountainscapes, tropical forests, and verdant hills sweeping down to the turquoise ocean. The rich beauty of this island is why so many big Hollywood films and television series have chosen it for those sweeping camera views, such as you see in Jurassic Park. But what if instead of seeing such gorgeous wildness on the television set, you could see it for yourself? See it up close and personal? That is what a helicopter tour in and above Kauai can offer. Incredible, one-of-a-kind beauty from the skies.

But once you decide that a helicopter tour of Kauai is right for you, there comes a second question. Which of the many Kauai helicopter outfits should you choose? There is rarely a wrong answer here, but there are some helicopter tours and guides that do offer a better experience than others. Let’s take a look at seven of the very best helicopter tours you might choose from on your next vacation to the Garden Isle.

7 of the Best Helicopter Tours in Kauai

Safari Helicopters

This is a helicopter tour outfit on our list of best of that offers an exceptional landing tour. Safari Helicopters boasts what they call the Canyon Landing Safari which features an extended landing at the top of a canyon. This tour features the same flight plan as the group’s primary Kauai waterfall tour, but adds another 40 minutes for guests to explore on foot the Kauai Wildlife Refuge, a secluded botanical preserve that overlooks the gorgeous Olokele Canyon. This special tour of the botanical preserve is a must for those interested in learning more about Kauai’s native plant species. 

Jack Harter Helicopters

Jack Harter Helicopters is one of the best choices for smaller, more intimate groups; and those who want to really feel the wind in the hair. That’s because they offer a unique doors-off helicopter tour in an MD Hughes 500 that holds only four passengers and will take you real close to some of the island’s most iconic waterfalls and canyon vistas. 

Sunshine Helicopters

Sunshine Helicopters operates tours on three Hawaiian islands, with only one flight plan for the island of Kauai. But this is a pretty exciting flight plan that takes passengers on an hour flight around the Garden Isle. Where this tour really shines, however, is with its knowledgeable and friendly pilots and ground crew. 

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is one of the oldest helicopter tour outfits in the state of Hawaii. They are renowned for consistently offering exceptional service and keeping a fleet of the most comfortable, stable, and versatile aircraft. But while they only have one advertised fixed-flight Kauai helicopter tour that is going to be very similar to most helicopter tours on the island, they have something else that makes them a top choice. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is arguably the best choice for those looking for an exclusive, luxury-minded private tour of the island (or islands) and who don’t mind paying a bit extra for that VIP touch. With a private tour, you can create your own sightseeing list and even talk with the booking agent about a private landing at one of several exclusive sites for something like a picnic beneath the waterfalls or a romantic proposal in the middle of the jungle. 

Alii Kauai Air Tours & Charters

Alii Kauai Air Tours - Hawaii

What makes Alii Kauai Air Tours & Charters unique is that they offer small airplane tours of the island as well as helicopter tours. Whichever form of air travel you take, you and your traveling companions will be the only ones on board and guaranteed a window seat (although there is a required minimum of two paying passengers). When booking, you can choose from their Kauai air tours or incorporate also the island of Nihau with the Kauai air tour. Nihau is a small island just 17 miles west of Kauai that is remarkable in that there are no, zero, zip modern improvements. 

Island Helicopters Kauai

Island Helicopters Kauai boasts several tours around the island of Kauai, but what we really love them for and why they should be on everyone’s list of top helicopter tours is for their Jurassic Falls Landing Adventure. This outstanding tour won’t just take you on an air tour of the gorgeous Manawaiopuna Falls, the waterfalls featured in that hit dinosaur thriller, this tour will allow you to explore those waterfalls up close and personal. This is due to the pilot landing the helicopter right at the base of the 400-foot falls!

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours

Photo Credit: @mariahgrace_

Mauna Loa Helicopters offers a couple of Kauai and other Hawaiian island helicopter tours (they even have a flight school where you can hop into the pilot’s seat), but what they have that’s really special is the Kauai Pro Photography Flight. The Kauai Pro Photography Flight will be a top choice tour for those familiar with the island of Kauai and have specific locations they want to see in mind. That’s because rather than being a fixed flight tour like most Kauai helicopter tours are that have a very rigid flight plan and course (both by this outfit and others), the Kauai Pro Photography Flight offers passengers the flexibility to choose iconic locations to explore and capture breathtaking photographs at. 

Kauai is an Island Meant to Be Explored!

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We hope this list of the seven best helicopter tours and tour guides in Kauai helped you come to your final decision on who to book with. But of course, helicopter tours are just one of the many exciting adventures and attractions that the Garden Isle has to offer. Make sure to check out our other pages about Kauai to learn more about the best attractions and places to explore for your upcoming Hawaiian vacation.