Salt Pond Beach Park

Salt Pond Beach Park – A Popular Swimming Hole in South Shore Kauai
The Bottom Line:

Salt Pond Beach Park serves as a chill spot to enjoy the water, watch the sunset, and simply lounge on the beach to your heart’s content. The natural rock wall parallel to the beach creates relatively calm waters perfect for even the littlest swimmers. The onsite facilities complete the picture of perfection, making it easy to stay here all day long.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to enjoy relatively calm waters while in South Shore Kauai, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Salt Pond Beach Park. Located along the western side of Puolo Point, this beach features a natural rock barrier that protects the shores from big waves.

The area has a cove-like aesthetic as a result, making it a great place to take even the littlest in your group for a swim. There are often lifeguards on duty who not only watch over the swimmers but also offer advice about the conditions. If you’re unsure if it’s safe to enter the water, just ask them for their insights to avoid dangerous rip currents and other unsafe situations.

Although most visitors arrive at Salt Pond Beach Park ready for a swim, it’s also a prime spot for snorkeling and snorkeling along the reef beyond the rocks. Avid surfers often paddle out well beyond that point to ride the waves created by reef breaks. When the wind picks up, you’ll often see windsurfers even further out, moving at a rapid clip and practicing their sweet moves.

As you spend time on Salt Pond Beach Park, don’t be surprised to see monk seals lying along the water’s edge. They often come up on the shore to rest and soak up the sun. Although they just lie about, they are fun to watch, especially as they roll around in the sun. Make sure to give them plenty of space when you encounter them to help keep these creatures from getting too cozy around people.

With so much to see and do, you can easily spend the whole day at Salt Pond Beach Park. The onsite facilities help, too, by giving you a convenient spot to use the bathroom, throw out trash, and even shower off. Find yourself wanting to stay for days at a time? Just get a permit and set up camp in the designated area.

Definitely come to the Salt Pond Beach Park for:

With the natural rock wall creating a barrier from the waves, the waters remain ultra-calm, quite similar to a swimming pool. Many families bring their little ones to play in the water as a result, often bringing their favorite floaties along for the ride. Since there are no real waves coming to shore, it’s best to leave the boogie boards behind, however.

When the water outside the natural rock wall cooperates, snorkelers come down to check out what’s going on along the reef. While exploring that structure, you will undoubtedly see colorful fish, sea turtles, and many other beautiful creatures all around. On the shore side of the rock wall, little swimmers practice their snorkeling skills in the calm water. They often discover small creatures in the nooks and crannies between the rocks, sending them racing to the shores to tell everyone about their finds.

As the waves come in from far out in the ocean, they break on the reef, creating excellent waves for surfing. Beginner to advanced surfers land here on the regular in hopes of mastering the waves and improving their tricks. Windsurfers come out more often than not as well, especially when the wind is moving at a steady clip.

If you simply cannot tear yourself away from Salt Pond Beach Park when hunger strikes, head over to the parking lot to visit Rafael’s Aloha Tacos. At that popular taco truck, you can get fish tacos, chicken burritos, and everything in between. Their Fresh Chili Relleno Plate is the most popular option, however. No matter what you get, take your food back to the picnic tables at the park, and then continue enjoying your beachside adventure to the fullest.

Insider Tips:
-There’s not a lot of shade anywhere on Salt Pond Beach Park. To stay cool, bring your own umbrella plus wear sunscreen, a sunhat, and a cool pair of sunglasses.
-The soft golden sands are perfect for sandcastles, so be sure to bring your buckets, shovels, and other tools.