Kipu Kai Beach

Kipu Kai Beach - A Remote Beach Featured in Hollywood Blockbusters
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4 / 5
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Kipu Kaui Beach is not a beach that is readily accessible by tourists -- but it is one with some unique attributes. So if you are looking for a true adventure out in the wilds with a gorgeous white sandy beach at the end, then this is a prime Hawaiian destination for you. 

- The Local Expert Team

There is no beach on Kauai that is more isolated than Kipu Kai Beach. In fact, very few tourists to the island even know about this beach, with the exception being those who take a helicopter or similar backwoods tour of the island. That’s because getting to this beach is difficult but for most who make the trek, the serenity is well worth it.

This beach takes its name from the nearby Kipu Kai Ranch. This ranch is owned by the Rice family and is the location of some of Hollywood’s biggest films. Both Jurassic Park and King Kong were filmed across this region. The more recent The Descendants film also took place largely on Kipu Kai Ranch and featured a scene exclusively shot on the beach itself.

Naturally, a beach gorgeous to be continually sought out by Hollywood is one worth seeing for oneself. The problem is that it is incredibly difficult to get to. You can get a bird’s eye view with a more historical conversation by taking a helicopter tour or local ATV tours can get you pretty close to Kipu Kai Beach. But the best way to actually get on this beautiful beach is by sea.

There are several private snorkeling and general sailing outfitters and tour operations that will sometimes get close enough to Kipu Kai Beach to anchor and allow swimming. Alternatively, you can kayak to Kip Kai Beach. Just make sure to check weather conditions beforehand! To kayak, launch at Nawiliwili, kayaking out of the harbor with the shore on your right-hand side. You will make the turn around the massive point and follow the coastline until you see the white sands of Kipu Kai Beach. 

Of course, not everyone has access to boats — whether through a tour company or rental company. Unfortunately, that really is the only realistic way to get to Kipu Kai Beach. There are no roads or trails to otherwise get to this beach by land. That said, a person with the right skillet and fortitude can make it by land by making their own path. This requires starting at Haulua Beach and walking across the hills and valleys down o Kipu Kai Beach. 

This beach is framed by the majestic Hoary Head mountain ridge. It is this mountain range that provides a nice windbreak for the beach, giving Kipu Kai a very calm and serene presence. This beach stretches out for a bit longer than a mile and is easily spotted for its brilliant white sandy shores. 

Being so isolated from public roads and routes, it is easy to understand why this beach lacks so many amenities. There is absolutely no parking area, no restrooms, no showers, no picnic tables, no trash cans, no stationed lifeguards, and no other similar amenities. Remember, when you travel out here on your own, you are going to be largely on your own. Make sure to follow all necessary precautions and always check the weather and tides if embarking by kayak. 

Insider Tip:
Local outfitters are going to be your best way of learning more and accessing this beach.