Keiki Cove Beach

Keiki Cove Beach - A Small Protected Beach Cove Ideal for Children
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Keiki Cove is a small little protected cove located in South Kauai. This beach's location and topography make it a great swimming spot for children and sunset-viewing location for all. 

- The Local Expert Team

Situated along Kauai’s southern coastline, Keiki Cove is a tiny beach cove that is renowned for its calm, protected waters and beautiful sunset viewing opportunities. Its name comes from the Hawaiian word for “children” and is an apt name given how popular of a swimming destination this is for families of young children. 

Keiki Cove is such a small little stretch of sand that is easy to miss when driving past on Lawai Road. Look first for Lawai Beach, a larger strip of beach in Kolopa, and next to the popular Beach House Restaurant as well as the Lawai Beach resort. You can then either park at the dedicated parking lot for Lawai Beach and walk a few steps west to Keiki Cove, or use the parking lot across from Keiki Cove. Sometimes, there will be a food truck parked there. 

While this small little cove is renowned for being a very children-friendly beach, there are no lifeguards posted here. Parents should always exercise caution before they or their children enter the water. That said, Keiki Cove does deliver on its kid-friendly reputation by having very calm, protected waters and boasting common tide pools. These tide pools are often fascinating to young children as they can explore the sea creatures and odd ends that get caught up when the tide recedes. Plus, the whole ocean floor here is comprised of the same soft sand you’ll find on the beach. This makes for some wonderfully fantastic swimming conditions for adults as well as children. There are also some good snorkeling opportunities a bit further from shore — but take caution when straying away from this beach’s protected cove. 

The best time to visit Keiki Cove is during the winter months. During the winter months, the weather and ocean conditions are much calmer, thus making for safer conditions for children. Winter is also a better time for sunset viewing on this side of the island. And, in fact, Keiki Cove is well known to offer fantastic sunset viewing opportunities. Its soft golden sand offers an ideal place to roll out your beach blanket to cozy up as you watch the sun dip down and the beautiful colors emerge ringed by the cove’s volcanic rock outcroppings. 

For many reasons, Keiki Cove is a very desirable hidden gem. But for the best experience, you want to go when you are either the only family there or one of just a couple. There is an emphasis after all on small cove. When you are lucky, having this own private beach all to yourself is quite the experience. But naturally, that type of thing is hard to plan for. The best idea is thus not to make Keiki Cove your go-to destination if you’re coming from another part of the island. Instead, plan on beaching it up at the neighboring Lawai Beach but give Keiki Cove a peek before you set up at this other larger beach. 

Another reason to check into Lawai Beach first is due to it having dedicated amenities. Keiki Cove does not have any restrooms or showers of its own. 

Insider Tips:
-Keiki Cove has become an increasingly popular location for weddings and similar events thanks to its unique beauty. You might even consider it if you are looking for a site location. Check with the local parks department to learn more. 
-If you are vacationing with your family and young children and have not yet made lodging reservations, you might consider booking close to Keiki Cove. This stretch of land also has a grocery store and several outstanding restaurants as well as popular food truck locations.