Kalihikai Park

Kalihikai Park - Gorgeous Beach Park Located on Kauai's North Shore
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4 / 5
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Located on Kauai's northern shoreline, Kaihikai Park is a wonderful ocean playground. Here, beachgoers can enjoy calm surf, beautiful snorkeling opportunities, and tons of nice shaded spots to sit, relax, and enjoy the ocean vistas. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Kalihikai Park is a gorgeous beachfront park located on Kauai’s northern shoreline. It is also sometimes referred to informally as Anini Beach Park because of the neighboring campground and beach by that name. But whatever you want to call it, Kalihikai Park offers its visitors a myriad of amenities and gorgeous views, and swimming opportunities. 

Finding Kalihikai Park can be somewhat of a challenge as there is only one road that goes out to it, Anini Road, and that road is only accessible from one side. You can find Anini Road veering westward from the town of Kalihiwai, just northwest of Princeville Airport. Follow that road almost all the way to its end, and you will see signs for Kalihikai Park on your right. 

The remote nature of Kalhikai Park is one of its big draws. There is no resort traffic or busy commercial districts out this way. Rather, what you get to enjoy is plenty of sunshine, calm surf, and miles of sand. Yet, while this remoteness of Kalhikai Park boasts some big advantages, there are drawbacks to such a location. There is no supported lifeguard station here and the bathroom facilities leave something to be desired. You will find outdoor showers to rinse off here as well as a scattering of picnic tables and pavilions. Plus, there is a ton of soft grass areas shaded by trees to sit and enjoy the vistas.  But this really is about it when it comes to park amenities here, and you generally won’t see a lot of food trucks out this way on most days. So make sure you pack all that you need before heading out to this part of the island. 

The long sandy stretch of beach that is a part of the Kaihikai Park is such a desirable area thanks to an equally long stretch of reef that lies just offshore. This reef protects the entirety of the northern shore here from harsh waves and currents. The result is a wonderfully calm area to swim about in, a protected area that boasts a soft sandy bottom. Note that while the water within the reef is calm, there are channels that pull the water back out on either side of the beach here. 

This protective reef north of Kalihikai Park has the added benefit of offering great snorkeling opportunities. Swim just a touch offshore, and you will find a rich underwater world with a ton of sea fish and creatures like turtles and even dolphins some days. Popular sea fish sighted here include the Hawaiian state fish, humuhumunukunukuapuaa (also known as the triggerfish), as well as tropical varieties like the Wuhu (parrotfish) and Kala (unicornfish). 

Kalihikai Park also boats a small public boat ramp with an adjoining parking lot. While you aren’t apt to see huge yachts being launched here, this small public boat ramp is a popular spot for launching smaller fishing boats, kayaks, and outrigger canoes. If you are joining a local tour outfit or hiring a private guide to explore the waters of Kauai, there’s a good chance you will be directed to this boat ramp. Kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and windsurfing are also popular water activities here. 

Insider Tips:
-If you are looking for a more outdoorsy experience during your vacation on the island of Kauai, then consider booking a campsite at the neighboring Anini Beach Park Campground. This campground is just about on the beach and offers guests a very unique experience for only $3 per night. Permits for camping can be purchased via the state’s website. 
-Remember, there aren’t often food trucks set up nor are there any other facilities nearby. So make sure to grab food and any desired supplies elsewhere before turning onto Anini Road.